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4 Films You Should Watch in 3D


The future of TV has begun to blossom with the coming of flat screens and vast forms of technologies continue to grow. Now, with 3D technology going on full throttle, movie watching has taken a huge turn for the better. Gone are the days when watching movies ends and begins on your couch. Now you can feel as if you’re immersing in the stories playing on your flat screen with 3D technology.

So to maximize your TCL TV’s 3D function, here are our top 4 picks for the best films you should definitely watch in 3D mode!


An unstoppable tour de force on his own, James Cameron worked on the concept of Avatar for more or less ten years. He even waited for the right technology to be developed in order to properly shoot his masterpiece. When he finally finished Avatar, cinephiles were given a work of art incomparable to anything you’ve ever seen before. Set in a distant planet with beings different but also familiar to humans, Avatar is the ultimate movie for those with a thirst for exploration.

How to Train Your Dragon

Over the years, children’s standards for movies also went up a notch. This is a generation where imagination is at its peak and fantasies are closer to reality. How to Train Your Dragon is a Disney film that captures just that. It mixes all the basic elements of an exciting film about adventure and learning with an immersive viewing experience, How to Train Your Dragon takes children’s movies to a whole new height.


When Beowulf came out, featuring no less than actors in the calibre of Angelina Jolie, movie fans the world-over already went a little dizzy with excitement. When it finally came out, the whole epic was pure magic. Thanks to the genius of Robert Zemeckis who championed performance capture technology. Immerse yourself in the medieval times and watch in awe as spears pierce through all directions, dragons fly past and magic mix with reality!

The Polar Express

Let’s face it, we can never have enough of Christmas movies and The Polar Express takes up on that market and delivered a whole new Christmas experience by being one of the first Christmas films that made use of 3D and performance captured technology –  making for a more nostalgic and memorable Holiday season.

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