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4 Things To Look For in a TV


More and more households are getting equipped with the capability of experiencing the vivid imagery brought by high definition TV. If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, it’s about time you join the fun! But choosing a new TV can be overwhelming especially with the numerous choices that the market is offering.
So to ensure your family’s absolute entertainment here are four of the most important things to look for when buying a new TV.

LED Backlighting + Video Quality
It goes without saying that picture quality is the foremost feature to factor in when you decide to purchase a new TV. With the ever growing selection of HD Televisions in the market it can be quite hard to choose which one is perfect for you. Among the TV’s offered today, it would be wise to choose an HD LED TV as it can cut down on power use and are also the most efficient flat panels as compared to plasma and standard fluorescent backlighting.
While some LED TVs have been criticized for not producing the contrast of plasma TVs, the top LED TVs can definitely go up to par with the best plasma screens. Not only that, video and picture quality is excellent!

Good Audio Quality
Even the best picture quality will still fall short without a sound system that matches the visual experience. So make sure that the HD TV you’re going to buy delivers only the most vivid on-the-scene stereo sound effects to make the audio quality sound as real as it can get.
With a powerful sound on your HD TV, you’ll be able to save your money since you won’t need to purchase a separate sound system to enhance sound.

The Right Size
It’s true. Size matters. The best decision is to go for the biggest TV that your budget allows and one that would fit perfectly with your home viewing environment. Your home viewing environment is basically the convergence of principles in which the room where you plan to place your TV with all of other factors considered. These are factors such as, your distance from the TV when watching, the proportion of your TV with the room’s size, and the angles of viewing that will be covered by the placement of your new TV set. Once you’ve determined your “home viewing environment”, choose the biggest TV that will complement it.

Smart TV Connectivity
Technological progress today is quick and constant. You can now use HDMI ports to connect your device or mobile phone to your screen. It’s wise to look for a TV that has two or more HDMI ports for maximum connectivity. Aside from this, choose a TV that has a smart User Interface and built-in Wi-Fi . This way, you’ll be able to download apps, watch movies online browse your favourite websites and just about anything you can do on your computer!

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  1. Smart TV Connectivity – In my case I can stand longer time watching tv and while doing that my pc is on! With this kind of technology today, having connection in your television is very convenient for me! I can watch youtube videos download games or I can also update status on my social networks. 🙂

  2. Smart TV Connectivity brings out the best in every TV viewing experience with TCL technology. The advent of internet and connected things makes life an awesome and exciting journey, because TCL making it possible..With a TCL TV, you could not ask for more..

  3. One of the things you need to consider is The Right Size and the The Right Size people nowadays like me are looking for something that is big and reliable, Size because people are more visual and don’t wanna miss any single detail, and connectivity is to make it more easier for them to stay connected not only with friends and family but what of what is going on outside.

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