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4 Things You Didn’t Know About M:I Rogue Nation


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation sees Tom Cruise back as IMF agent Ethan Hunt on a mission to uncover and face an organization of rogue agents called the Syndicate. The film is a balance of explosive action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat, and of a story that’s clever and unpredictable. Mission: Impossible’s latest follow-up packed a big punch at the box office and earned praises from both fans and critics. And even though the film had already exited cinemas, the hype and craze just keeps going.

Let’s see how much of an M:I fan you are, and how well you’ve tuned in to Rogue Nation. Here are 4 pieces of trivia and stuff you might’ve missed on M:I Rogue Nation.


We’re not just talking about that nerve-wracking airplane stunt which, by the way, took 10 days to shoot. Cruise had definitely outdone himself with that one. Funny man Simon Pegg who plays Ethan Hunt’s techy partner Benji Dunn, also had his share of the DIY stunt gimmick in that car chase scene in Morocco.


Actress Jessica Chastain was originally tapped for the female lead, but wasn’t so keen on the idea of spending 6 months training for the role. The role as we know it, went to Rebecca Ferguson. Sean Harris wasn’t the original choice, as well. Can you imagine Benedict Cumberbatch as the big bad, sleek Syndicate head Solomon Lane?


Somewhere near the end of the film is a cameo of a silver Aston Martin DB5, which was made famous by super spy James Bond in several of his films. That fight sequence in the backstage during an opera in Austria, may also be in reference to Quantum of Solace when Daniel Craig’s James Bond did a similar action scene during a performance of Tosca at the Bregenz Lake Stage.


MI: Rogue Nation references all four of its predecessors.

  • Motorcycle chase scene is reminiscent of M:I 2.
  • A rabbit’s foot keychain in that supposed torture scene is a reference to M:I 3’s MacGuffin.
  • During the senate interrogation scene with Hunley and Brandt, Hunley recalls the IMF’s break-in at the CIA’s Langley headquarters (M:I 1) and the bombing and destruction of the Kremlin (M:I Ghost Protocol).

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