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5 Intense Action Films to Watch on Your Curved TV

Everyone loves a bit of action but most of us prefer to take it up to another level. Let’s face it, explosions, gun plays, and sword fights, will never lose its magic. The movies of 2015 seemed to have excelled not only in reviving sleeping franchises and shared superhero universes but it also gave us better visual masterpieces in the action department. Visual effects have never been more realistic. When watching, it actually feels that you can literally get hit by an exploding car or a barrage of bullets. The movie blockbusters of 2015 can prove to be an intense experience especially with a curved TV. With an enhancement in visual depth and field-view, Curved TVs can effectively outmatch other flat screened television units. Have you tried watching action movie on one? If I were you, I’d write it down on my bucket list because it’s that amazing.

Here are 5 intense action films to watch out for in your Curved TV:

  1. Star Wars the Force Awaken:

One of the best movies to grace the year, Star Wars the Force Awakens is a slumbering phoenix that exploded in wildfire at its revival. Awaited by millions of fans for more than a decade, the famous franchise gave a new meaning to realism and cinematography. Fans will be thoroughly delighted—an understatement, if you will—by the visuals of the lightsaber, force powers, and stormtrooper battles.  As it has achieved box-office supremacy, this new chapter in the Star Wars universe has begun a very successful intergalactic journey. Just like you, we can’t absolutely wait to watch this on our Curved TV.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Another slumbering franchise on our list, everything about Mad Max is dust, fire, and you guessed it, tons of bullets and explosions. Coupled with a gritty and intense storytelling, this wasteland “death drive” movie came out to be one of the most hardcore action flicks of the year. And have you seen a guitar show-off some impressive feats by spitting out 5 feet flames? I didn’t think so; better even on your Curved TV. Better buckle your seatbelts because this movie will toss and turn you in its epic rock-n-roll onslaught.


  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service

This movie literally nudges the new Bond Flick in the benches. Everything about this movie is circling on the word “cool”. As a new take on the spy genre, the outlandish Kingsman: The Secret Service delivers an impressive new take on the action scene. Bombarded with “cool” gadgets, “cool” cars, and “cool” dressing protagonists, this is definitely a gentleman’s movie with a bit of adrenaline junkie on the side. The church scene of the movie proves to be one of the most iconic action sequences of 2015; the sheer ferocity of its cinematography accentuates the success of its visuals.

  1. Ant-Man

Ant-Man is definitely one of the funniest movies ever produced by Marvel. But don’t get us wrong because aside from the pack of laughs you’ll be getting, you will also gasp in awe at the action sequences of this movie. This flashy and somehow quirky movie entertains us at its heroism and its sarcastic jokes. Viewers are given a more realistic showcase on how Ant-Man uses his powers and did I forget how jaw-dropping the fight scenes are? It’s definitely a Marvel movie made for the Curved TV.


  1. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Another spy movie on our list, the Man from U.N.C.L.E. is no stranger to the hardcore action department. Although it lacks the prestige of long time franchise of Mission Impossible or James Bond, this spy film can hold its own by displaying sheer raw power in delivering on-point explosions, bullet time, and dapper clothes.  The dashing action-comedy film brings out the rough boy in you and takes you to a macho-man yet gentleman journey to sleek bravado.

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