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5 New Things to Try With the Family #InspiringBondingMoments


It’s 2017! Have you made changes with your diet, your work, or with how you manage your expenses? How about time spent with loved ones? If you’re tired of the same old usual weekly dinner with the family then you might enjoy the fun activities on this list!


1. Dreamplay by Dreamworks (Facebook)

Fans of the Shrek and Kung Fu Panda franchise? Then you’ll enjoy Dreamplay – a movie inspired interactive play center that’s located at City of Dreams Manila. The different themed attractions stimulate your little ones’ imagination and creativity. The kids can bake and decorate their own gingerbread man, assemble and race their boat, and even make their own animated film!


2. Arrowland (Facebook)

We know you’ve fantasized about being in the shoes of legendary fictional archers like Legolas, Hawkeye, and Katniss Everdeen, and you now have a chance to fulfil them! Arrowland, the same guys behind Gandiva Archery, is located at SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Their goal is to make archery an enjoyable sport for everyone, so first time players have nothing to worry about. They are well-equipped with the best bows and arrows. Why not give it a shot?


3. City Kart Racing (Facebook)

Driving through Manila traffic could make anyone crazy. So let your road rage flow at Circuit Makati’s City Cart Racing. If you’re worried about safety, don’t be! Helmets, racing suits, and a safety briefing are all provided in the joint.  Don’t be intimidated by its 700-meter long track, go-karting is beginner friendly – it’s almost as easy as driving a bump car that even young kids excel at this sport! Try it out give Alfalfa a run for his money!


4. Sip & Gogh (Facebook)

If your family is super stressed out because of school or work and they just want to wind down and have a couple of drinks during the weekend, then this activity is perfect for them. Sip & Gogh is located at Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, the perfectly chill and quiet location that overlooks Quezon City. They’ve got you covered – from easels, paints, and brushes. You just need to bring your creativity and passion for art.


5. 4DX Cinemas (Facebook)

Ready to take your movie watching experience to a whole new level? Then head on over to Bonifacio High Street Cinemas or U.P. Town Center and immerse yourselves into the movies that you watch. It’s definitely a novelty experience and it’s something that you should do when a guaranteed blockbuster is showing in town.

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