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5 Out of This World Films to Watch on Your Curved TV

 5 Out of This World Films to Watch on Your Curved TV

High definition movies and their fantastically rendered CGI has been a benchmark of big-budgeted fantasy films for the past years. But there are some films that go beyond the visual prowess it can offer. These films are made so powerful that it literally boggles the mind. These masterpieces take you in and leaves you with a sense of wonder and amazement.  What could further enhance the experience? Try watching with the magic of a Curved TV. With this powerhouse, you don’t really have to leave the house to get a real theater experience.

Taking a break from it all and staying at home? Great, why not get your popcorn and drinks ready as you immerse in beautifully-crafted worlds featured in these following films.


The eye-popping fantasy masterpiece by legendary director James Cameron is one of the top eye-candy films to date. Along with its pool of amazing and diverse characters is an epic story line that definitely touches the viewer’s hearts. To cap this off, the supreme level of detail in the movie’s expansive environment, ranging from the lush greenery to the high-rise landscape comes crisp on your curved TV that you’d literally wish you were there.


Dark, brooding, and full of oozing sequences, this film is a must-see for anyone looking for the ultimate sci-fi experience.  The prequel to the Alien film series is jam-packed with the wonders of extra-terrestrial encounters, twisted with a foreboding plot that grants you with quite an ocular feast. Added with fantastically surreal CGI executions, you can expect a lot of chills down the spine as it slowly indulgences you to a visceral dread.


One of the film industry’s “oldie but goodie”, Return of the Jedi is one of the golden pioneers that ushered in action, sci-fi movies to this century. Even as of today, the magic of Star Wars has never wavered in giving a visual treat to everyone. As the last episode of the first trilogy, you’d expect a dazzling spectacle of space battles and eye-grabbing feats. The re-mastered edition on your curved TV should work perfect for anyone who wants to take their film experience up a notch.


Straight-to-the-heart moments thrown in with deep intergalactic action will leave you gripped and astounded. A space exploration experience fit for viewing on your Curved TV, as The Dark Knight trilogy director, Christopher Nolan delivers an overall powerful visual execution that’s sure to awaken the astronaut in you.


A gripping sci-fi thriller wonderfully crafted to keep you hooked from beginning to end. Gravity does not pull punches like your regular thriller would, but the eerie acoustics coupled with dramatic build-ups work to keep you at the edge of your seat. The 3D prowess of this film is off the charts, every second is filled with special effects that incredibly brim with realism. Hooked to your Curved TV, you’ll definitely feel space creeping up to you and swallowing you in.

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