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Apps for Saving Energy

Apps for Saving Energy
We are in that age and day when we can rely on technology to back us up in any endeavor that we choose to pursue. Available to smartphones and tablets are countless camera apps that allow us to explore everyday photography, sketch apps that enable us to improve on our drawing skills and imagination, and maps so that we may know our way around traffic and carmageddons. Apps have made their way into concerns of energy efficiency, as well. Not only are we provided with apps that optimize our gadgets’ and devices’ battery life, but we’re also given app options to better manage our electricity at home.

Aside from energy tips to cut down or lessen your monthly electric bill, equipping yourself with an energy-saving app should work wonders.

Kuryente App

The Kuryente App is the official app of which is a website by the Department of Energy. The energy-saving app follows through with the website’s objective of informing and educating the public on the power sectors of the Philippines. As what a user is greeted with upon reaching its homepage, the app centers on everyone’s question in mind: “Magkano ba ang kuryente ko?” or “How much is my power consumption?” in English.

There are 2 tabs within the energy-saving app:
1.) Ranking which displays consolidated information on electricity distribution utilities or companies with their updated pricing, and
2.) Kuryente 101 which discusses on the components seen on your electricity bill.

Kuryente App is only available on Android.

MoVE (Meralco Virtual Engine)

Meralco has its own energy-saving app, of course! MoVE, an acronym for Meralco Virtual Engine, is an app for all Meralco subscribers. Packed with an easy-to-navigate interface and loaded with features, the app permits you to:

• review past and current bills
• track and manage your household electric consumption with info on how much each household appliance consumes power
• get power-saving tips from a portion called Bright Ideas
• be updated with news advisories of power interruptions
• find the nearest Bayad Center or Meralco Business Center

MoVE is free on both Android and iOS.

Turn your home into a creative, energy-efficient one with these energy-saving apps plus reads and more tips from TCL.

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