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Best Educational TV Shows for Your Kids


Technology has become deeply ingrained in today’s culture that the new generations have made tablets, phones, gadgets and all kinds of devices a staple in their everyday lives – especially the television. Kids have a determined curiosity for just about everything which makes the television a sort of double-edged sword. It exposes your kids to all kinds of information and it’s your job to filter that information and show them only the educational ones.

So to help you protect your kids from the so-called “bad TV”, here’s a list of all the best educational TV shows that won’t only provide your kids some useful information but will also help nurture them:

  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

From the widely-popular kids’ channel Disney, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a classic TV show intended for children aged three to eight years old. The show helps kids solve age-appropriate problems such as identifying shapes and color selection just to name a few.

  1. Sesame Street

Who will ever forget Elmo and Big Bird? This classic children’s TV show is perhaps the most successful educational show that has ever aired. Back with studies from experts, Sesame Street is designed to effectively teach children basic skills in a fun and enjoyable way. Having been in production since the late 60’s, Sesame Street has been educating children about music, problem-solving, colors, humor, numbers and even socio-cultural subjects like tolerance of diversity, loss of a loved one and natural disasters.

  1. Little Einsteins

Another show from Disney, Little Einsteins was produced to educate children about historically acclaimed artists and musicians. Over time, the show garnered numerous awards and has encpouraged participative viewing.

  1. Dora the Explorer

One of the biggest hits in educational TV, Dora the Explorer is carried on Nickelodeon which makes use of the fun in adventure to educate kids about informed decision-making. It became a world-wide hit after having been translated in numerous languages – Swedish, Thai, Tamil, Spanish, Serbian, Polish and Mandarin just to name a few.

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  1. Indeed these shows are good for children in nurturing their knowledge as they start to grow. This type of show is also convenient for theme because the show doesn’t have violence or any other type of fighting scene and any other scenes that can gave them bad influences. Thank you for sharing this information, it makes me remember my childhood days.

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