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Design and Production

High Quality Products Competitive Price

The highest-generation domestic TFT-LCD production line in China with a total investment of RMB 24.5 billion 8.5G LCD Panel Factory On January 16, 2010, construction of TCL 8.5G LCD panel project was commenced, which symbolized TCL’ s transiting position from a pure panel TV set manufacturer to an international enterprise capable of R&D, manufacturing, distribution and branding throughout the industrial chain, a counterpart to such players as Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, etc.

Global Footprints

​TCL s product has spread over 150 countries and regions.

LCD TV Module Factory

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCL Corporation, Huizhou-based TCL Optoelectronics Technology Co. has introduced the large screen LCD TV module from Samsung, and is dedicated to LCD TV module production. Established on December 4, 2007, covering an area of 114,000 square meters, the company possesses advanced production lines and many excellent R&D and technical personnel in the LCD device sector.

The total investment of the project is planned to be 180 million USD, and 8 production lines for high definition LCD TV module will be set up. With an annual production capacity of 8 million sets, the production lines will mainly manufacture 32-52 inches high definition LCD TV module, with nearly 1,000 employees employed.

Vertical Integration Factory

Guarantee the best quality at competitive prices  with its resource allocation and enhance production in order to further increase the efficiency and strategy through its cooperation with the 8.5 generation LCD panel production plant.


  • A significant reduction in production costs while continuing to guarantee optimum quality
  • A reduction in transport and packaging costs
  • An improvement in the competitiveness of pricing

Advance Production Line

  • TCL masters the production of one of the key parts of TV sets and is no longer submitted to the whims of outside suppliers.
  • By guaranteeing perfect integration of the panels into the overall system design, TCL now optimize the development of TV sets, from design stage to manufacture.
  • All this enables us to better control the quality and cost of our production.

TCL 8.5 Generation Panel Factory Most Advance Production Line In China

In Terms Of Design Innovation:

A good television looks good., brand image. TCL has formed a partnership with IDEO, a world-class design firm to come up with award winning product designs.

* We have identified 5 main types of TCL customer’s and created behavior segments to better understand their decision making process.

  • Brand Believers
  • Tech-novices
  • Customizers
  • Technophiles
  • Bargain Hunters

High Quality Products Competitive Price

A global brand to supply the principal markets 

  • Poland to supply the European marke
  • Mexico to supply the North American market
  • Huizhou, Wuxi, Mongolia, Chengdu and Henan to supply China and Asia Emerging Markets includes Philippines
  • Thailand and Vietnam to supply the EU, North America and other emerging markets