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Energy Saving Tips for Every Room in Your Home


Amidst this generation of numerous expenses is a steadily increasing cost for energy which most uninformed Filipinos are unable to afford to be able to live comfortably. It’s a good thing to note that small steps can result in big changes.

Here are some energy saving tips you can follow to cut your electric bill for every room in your home:


  1. Reduce cooking time by cutting your veggies into smaller pieces, using a smaller pan and making sure to cover it with a lid.
  2. Reheating requires less energy than cooking a whole meal. Maximize this by cooking twice what you need and just reheat for your next meal.
  3. Instead of using the oven, use the microwave,
  4. Place your fridge away from direct sunlight and give it enough space for air flow and ventilation as this helps make the cooling system work smoother.
  5. When washing your clothes with a washing machine, run full loads instead of half loads. This will save you more than half of the energy.


  1. Turn off your lamps and use a low wattage night light instead.
  2. To avoid using a hairdryer, wash your hair earlier than usual so it can dry naturally.
  3. Do not charge your gadgets overnight. Apart from the fact that this is dangerous it also wastes a lot of energy.

Living Room

  1. Always unplug your TV, sound system and other entertainment systems. Even when turned off, these appliances still use up energy.
  2. Use TV sets that have energy saving features such as the TCL 50″ B2800 which makes use of the Natural Light Engine II Technology without sacrificing HD display and contrast ratios. Think about it, you can still save money as well as energy and enjoy a top notch viewing experience!


  1. If you have a water heater, avoid excessive heating. Not only will this be unhealthy for your skin and hair, it’s also a notorious energy consumer. Aim for just 60 degree Celsius.
  2. Turn off the lights when the bathroom is not in use.

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