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Fitness Vloggers to Inspire Healthy Lifestyle #InspiringBondingMoments


Are you in dire need of some #fitspiration? While we agree that every body IS a summer body, sweating off the excess weight gain (that accompanies a healthy lifestyle, of course!) especially when done with a friend, will be significantly easier rather than just going to the gym alone. Or if you’re on a budget, exercising at home could work too, especially with fitness vloggers popping left and right:



A list about fitness wouldn’t be complete if you wouldn’t include Cassey Ho from Blogilates. This fitness and social media star skyrocketed in 2013 which put her on the number 1 spot of the YouTube fitness world. Her videos are not exclusive to workouts, she posts food choices and healthy tips too! Ho brands herself as more than just a Pilates instructor because her main philosophy is that an overall healthy lifestyle, meaning eating healthy *and* working out would be the best way to get a fit body image.


Chelsea Lifts

The YouTube weightlifting world is mostly filled with huge men that’s why Chelsea, while fairly new to the game, is quickly becoming an inspiration for women who want to get into weight training. She’s a gym and clothing line owner at just 22! Her posting about not just her successes, but also her struggles really make a one relatable chick.


Fitness Blender

Fitness Blenders is made up of husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli. They post day-to-day straight-to-the-point workouts that consist of circuit training, pilates, yoga, and many more. If you’re looking to explore a workout that’s right for you, head on to their channel. On their official website, ( they claim to endorse gimmick-free and researched-backed information to not let you get you sidetracked of the latest fitness trend. They believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or income.


Omar Isuf

Omar Isuf is proof that you can both have beauty and brains. The dude’s wonderful personality matched with top-notch content (he is a personal trainer and nutritionist after all!) made him a favorite in the YouTube fitness community and his fan base is rapidly growing. Beginner or not, you can always expect Omar’s videos to help you get in shape by introducing you to new training modalities.


Special Mention: Regan the Vegan

Just cause we love puns.

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