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Guidelines For The Perfect Movie Night


Organizing movie marathon nights can be completely aimless without anyone to share the visual entertainment with or if there are no engaging activities to complement the sedentary nature of consuming movies in one sitting. So how can you make movie night a more memorable bonding experience for you and the kids?

Here are some ideas that would definitely help you set up the perfect movie night for the whole family!

Get Crazy with Your Pop Corn

Every viewing experience will never be complete without munching on those popcorn! Not only will you enjoy your movies even more, you can even have your kids join when you prepare the finger food for the night. Another good idea is to make at least three warm piles of popcorn in three different flavours – try cheese, barbecue and sour cream! You can even make your own flavour if you feel extra creative.

Go for a Film-Movie Tie-Up Theme

If you’re having a particularly difficult time wondering what movies to see with your family, why don’t you pick out your favourite novels with movie counterparts and watch them instead? This will ignite an interesting discussion on the similarities and differences of the books and movies. Start with maybe a Roald Dahl novel (Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to John Green (The Fault In Our Stars) and J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter Series) to keep the movie marathon child-friendly!

Encourage Meaningful Discussions with Your Kids

After a movie rolls its credits, discuss the movie you just watched with your kids. Engaging in discussions that require critical thinking, storytelling and verbal expression when exploring the themes, morals and subject matter of films as juxtaposed with bigger societal and humanistic issues will help in your children’s growth and development. The key to an effective and educational movie night is to have the whole family participate!

Create Your Own Film!

If you have absolutely no idea what to watch, then make your own movie! All you have to do is learn how to film, cut, slice and edit clips to create your very own, home movie starring you and your kids! This is a great idea especially for those who are avid fans of keeping family memorabilia.


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