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History of Philippine Football with TCL

The Football scene in the Philippines will not die down anytime soon. With the partnership of TCL and ESPN comes its latest promotion in the world of sports, specifically Football, to cater to the local scene. The “Inspiring Bonding Moments” video campaign featuring the likes of Football star, Simone Rota, has been successful in touching the hearts of the Filipino people

With football as the tool to usher in a new breed of sports influence, TCL has been tedious in spreading efforts in promoting technology and sports as a way to strengthen the bond of every individual. In celebration of the Football scene, it’s always nice to go back to the past to know more about this much-loved sport.


Philippine Football

Football, also known as soccer in other countries, was introduced to the Philippines by English sportsmen. The members of the Manila club partnered with the English sportsmen and the concept of Football finally evolved in the local scene. This dated back as early as 1895.

The younger generation of the said year, being highly imitative by nature and curious by default, began to study the principles and fundamental ideas of the game. After the Spanish-American war ended, and after much disbands happening, Football finally paved its way officially in the Philippine soil.


The very first “Azkal”

Paulino Alcántara Riestrá was born in Iloilo City on Oct. 7, 1896. The Spanish, English, and French was known to be the greatest Filipino football player to compete. Paulino dominated the football scene in his time with FC Barcelona and the Philippine National Team, garnering outstanding awards in the process. He was (and still is on record) the youngest player to play and score for FC Barcelona in a competitive game and is considered club’s all-time leading goal scorer.


The Next Generation

Today, the Philippine Azkals are now prestigious in competing against different countries. And because of the successful efforts of TCL and ESPN featuring the likes of Filipino National Team player, Simone Rota, Football will surely impact Asia on a grander scale.

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