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How To Clean Your Flat Screen TV


The advent of a variety of flat screen TVs in the past few years has introduced highly innovative features to the home theatre system such as LED-backlighting and liquid-crystal display, allowing for premium viewing experience. However the material used for LCD and LED flat screen TVs require more care than the traditional old TV screens.

When compared to the older cathode-ray models which made use of solid glass screens, the flat screen TVs today usually feature materials or coatings that are extremely sensitive to the chemicals found in typical cleaning products.

In spite of these, your flat screen TV definitely needs periodic cleaning to maintain its performance. So here are a few tips and tricks to help you clean your flat screen without causing any damage:

  1. Shut down the monitor to help you see the lint and dirty and oily areas. This will also prevent any damage to the TV’s pixels. Unplug your TV set as well as a safety measure.
  2. Check your TV manual if there are specific cleaning instructions for your flat screen.
  3. Look for a dry and soft cloth to wipe your screen with. A microfiber cloth will be the best choice for this job. Microfiber cloths are the same clothes used to clean eyeglasses. Gently wipe the screen and avoid pressing down any harder if ever some oil or dirt aren’t removed. Putting too much force on the screen will cause the pixels to burn out.
  4. Blast any trapped dirts on the frame of your screen with compressed air. Remember to aim at the crannies between the frame and the screen and not the screen itself.
  5. Finally, mix a water and vinegar solution in equal parts. Damp a microfiber cloth in the solution and wipe the screen as gently as you can to avoid scratches. Do not spray or dump the vinegar solution directly onto the screen as it can cause permanent damages.
  6. If you aren’t too fond of the idea of cleaning your screen with vinegar solution, use a small amount of dish soap instead. Rub a small amount of soap on the microfiber cloth dampened with distilled water and gently wipe your screen.
  7. Wipe your screen with a dry microfiber cloth to remove remnants of the dish soap.

Important tips:

  • Avoid using cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone or ethyl chloride.
  • Do not use paper towels, toilet paper and any other cloth aside from microfiber cloths to clean your screen.
  • If you prefer to buy a screen cleaning kit for your flat-screen, there are available products in the market. Just make sure to purchase the ones that ensure quality and premium grade results.

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