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How To Hide Your TV Cables


Technology never rests. As a result, an increasing number of gadgets and electrical appliances are being created and mass produced on a daily basis and the tech-savvy consumer’s roster of gadgets being used at home also constantly grows. But you know what else grows? That annoying nest of cables at every corner of your home.

With all these cables bunched up and knotted everywhere, it’s pretty hard to enjoy your TV viewing experience and other entertainment consoles. So before you buy more gadgets, make sure to organize and stylistically hide your cables in plain view so you can better enjoy your AV room!

Here’s an awesome step-by-step guide to hide your cables and finally get rid of that messy distraction:

STEP 1: Connect all of your stationary devices and electrical appliances (TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.)

This is to make sure where all your cords and cables will go and which outlet they will be plugged in. Remember to connect everything to the right port to ensure they work properly.

STEP 2: Measure your wall and cut the base of your cord cover

Get the most precise measurements that you can for your cord cover as these will keep your cables organized and you don’t want any of those cords sticking out. Use screws, anchors, or a good adhesive to properly secure your cord cover base to your wall.

STEP 3: Gather your cables and straighten

Untangle your cables, straighten each one and gather them together before placing them onto the cord cover base. When all your cords and cables are running through the base, snap the front cover onto the base to hide the cables.

STEP 4: Camouflage your cord cover to the wall

Match the color of your cord cover with the color of your wall with paint and you’ll find your cables are hidden and barely visible!

STEP 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy your TV shows!

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