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How to Install and Connect Your Audio System to Your TV for the Best Sound

How to Install and Connect Your Audio System to Your TV for the Best SoundWhen you watch your favourite films or shows on your TV, it’s but understandable that you’d want the best possible quality of sound there is for the ultimate viewing experience. However, your TV stereo will not be able to provide that. TV speakers are too small and inadequate to produce cinema quality sound.

If you want to have the ultimate viewing experience with the best surround sound, the best way to do it is by connecting your TV to your stereo system using either analog or digital connections. To make it easier for you to figure out how to install your stereo system, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Next to your TV, place the stereo receiver or amplifier for easy access. The ideal distance is between your TV and your stereo is 4 to 6 feet. Anything longer than that and you will need longer cables. Turn of your stereo and TV before making all the connections.
  2. Search for the analog or digital audio output jack of your flat-screen TV. If your TV is anolog, the output is usually labelled audio out.
  3. Search for the unused analog audio input on your stereo receiver and/or amplifier.
  4. Prepare 4 to 6 foot long analog audio cables with stereo RCA or mini-plug jacks.
  5. Using cables with appropriate plugs on its two ends, connect the television to the receiver using their audio output and audio input, respectively.
  6. Turn the TV and receiver on and make sure the receiver’s volume is set to low. Once everything’s connected, test it by selecting the correct input for your receiver and turn the volume up.

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