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How to Keep your Electric Bill at a Minimum


The 70-20-10 rule of saving your money goes this way: 70% for living expenses (rent, food and other bills), 20% for savings and 10% for emergency and leisure purposes. However, with the price for electricity and energy skyrocketing, the chances of allotting a complete 20% for your savings can be pretty difficult.

Especially during these trying times when you can’t help but use electronic appliances on the regular, energy saving tips are a treasure trove for saving money. So to help you become more energy efficient, here are some ways you can keep your electric bill at a minimum.

Keep your fridge modestly full.

Up to 20 percent of your home’s electric bill is eaten up by your refrigerator. This is a big reason you should factor in the specs and features of a refrigerator before buying. Once you already have the ideal refrigerator, keep in mind that even simply opening the refrigerator causes heat to enter the unit, making it difficult for the refrigerator to operate. This, in turn causes your energy cost to go up.

What’s even more costly is leaving your refrigerator empty. When you open your refrigerator with barely anything in it, more cold air will escape and unnecessarily waste energy. At the very least, modestly fill your refrigerator to displace the empty air.

Don’t buy oversized air conditioning units.

A popular misconception about large units is that they will be more practical in the long run. Large units cost more electricity and you should steer clear from them especially when your room is not that spacious. So before you cash in on any air conditioning unit, make sure its size is compatible with the room you’re going to use it for.

Induction cooking is the way to go.

While induction cookers are more expensive than gas stoves, they save more energy and are more practical in the long run. Induction cookers run in electricity but they prevent excessive heat transfer in , the atmosphere which means it has little energy waste, if any.

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