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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


These days, almost everything comes with a hefty price tag and energy is one of them.

With the summer weather just reaching its prime, it can be pretty hard not to turn on the air conditioning unit for some cooling down even with energy costs going up. But if you’re truly determined to start saving energy as well as your hard-earned money, here’s how you can be energy efficient and cut costs in small ways.

Give your home proper insulation

Installing new insulation to your house (ceilings, attic and walls) to make sure your house is properly sealed to keep the sweltering heat outside and the cool air conditioning inside not only keeps you comfortable, it also doesn’t waste the energy that you’re using to power up your air conditioning unit.

Air dry your clothes under the sun

Using an electric dryer to dry your clothes can be quite unnecessary especially when you can basically use the hot weather to dry your clothes in a jiffy – easy and cost-free. All you’re going to need is a drying rack or a clothing line and you’re all set.

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs or tungsten light bulbs use way more energy than CFLs which only consume 75% less than tungsten.

Unplug all electric appliances when not in use

Just because you’re not using your TV or stereo, electric fan or air conditioning unit doesn’t mean it’s not using up energy when plugged in but turned off. Unplug your electric appliances when not in use to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Make sure your fridge is packed

Having lots of space in makes it difficult for your fridge to keep it cold. When you open your fridge, warm air gets in, making your fridge waste energy by trying to chill the warm air that’s trapped inside once you close it again.

Patronize electric appliances with energy saving features

As much as a fifth or 20 percent of your energy costs is used up by electronic appliances like TV sets. In this light, make sure to patronize those with energy-saving features such as the TCL B2800 which makes use of the Natural Light Engine II technology – a feature that enables your TCL TV to deliver sharp images while reducing energy consumption.

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