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How to Throw a Viewing Party


Trying to come up with a budget-friendly party for your friends and family? Why not throw a viewing party right at the comfort of your own home?

If you haven’t thrown one before, here’s how to throw the greatest viewing party everybody’s going to talk about for weeks!

Golden Rule: Never leave out the pop corn.

It might be a huge cliché but that’s only because it works. People love munching on something while watching and pop corn has always been the crowd favourite. For this reason alone, you should never, ever forget the pop corn. Serve it in cool containers just to show your guests you went the extra mile.

Make sure our guests are comfortably seated.

One thing that immediately renders a viewing party a failure is if you don’t have enough seats or the seating is uncomfortable. So when you arrange your viewing party, make sure you have enough bean bags, pillows and chairs for your guests to lounge onto.

Celebrate with signature cocktails.

Be your own bartender and serve cocktails specifically made to be compatible with the shows you will be watching. This will give your party a big booster.

Don’t forget the coffee.

If you’ll be going on a TV or film marathon, it’s possible for your guests to get sleepy after a while. No one wants a mood killer so designate a table for food and coffee to keep your guests up and running.

Set up the party on your garden.

Who said a viewing party can only be hosted inside? Set up your party in your garden and enjoy the last weeks of sunny days.

Serve themed catering.

Create a theme for your viewing party and do this even for your food and drink. This will create a more transcending atmosphere that pins through the film and the viewing ambiance.

Finger food!

When you’re watching a film or a TV show, the most ideal food to serve are those that are easy to eat – something that you can grab and chew without using lots of utensils.

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