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How Watching TV Can Help You Grow Closer To Your Partner


One of the Filipinos’ all-time favourite pastimes is watching TV. While it has been established that watching TV for too long can harm your health, watching the right kind of TV programs in the right amount of time with your partner can actually help reinforce your relationship.

Trying to boost your intimacy with your special someone can be pretty difficult especially if you don’t know where to start. Why not start with a movie night? If you and your partner cuddle up in your sofa and watch the right kind of movies and TV shows, it can actually help ignite conversations and strengthen your bond.

How does watching TV reignite intimacy?

  1. Watching TV can foster communication which consists of three domains that set the foundation for intimacy. These domains are companionship, empathy and physical connection.
  2. Making a conscious decision to skip eating out or going to the mall and just staying in to watch a movie with just the two of you may seem trivial to some, but it is actually quite emotionally rewarding and can signal a couple’s maturity.
  3. Regardless of the film or program you’re watching, it’s the perfect setting for getting those cuddles in.
  4. On a psychological viewpoint, the simultaneous occurrences of feeling joy over TV viewing and snuggling with your partner can actually facilitate a positive association that links the two activities.
  5. Watching TV together encourages companionship and helps couples learn more about each other by increasing their awareness to each other’s reactions.
  6. Similarity in shared activities increases the chances of feeling closer in various aspects – physically, emotionally and mentally.
  7. It helps get you and your partner in sync, or attuned to each other’s interests which in turn, makes the value of understanding more easily acquired.

What types of shows/genres encourage intimacy?

Comedy – When you ask anyone about what they look for in a partner, ‘sense of humor’ constantly comes up. That’s because laughter and intimacy always go hand in hand. Whenever you laugh, your body sends endorphins to your brain which simulates pleasure. Hence, when you share laughter with your partner, it creates a one of a kind bonding experience.

Drama – Shows and series like House of Cards, Breaking Bad or How To Get Away With Murder that challenge the intellect and are oozing with drama provides you and your partner a regular point of conversation that almost always leads to conversations about your own life together, what your values and plans are, among others.

These two genres are only two ways that TV viewing can liven up your relationship. Take into account that watching a diverse range of programs helps couples learn more about each other and how they interpret the world.

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