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LED TV: 5 Visually Stunning Movies

LED TV: 5 Visually Stunning Movies

Getting yourself set with powerful equipment definitely improves your taste. With a TCL LED TV and its crisp, high-powered picture quality for example, you start looking for entertainment that’s not just big on substance, but also on style. Suddenly, a compelling storyline with breath-taking stunts or tear-jerking scenes, drizzled with mood-influencing scoring just don’t cut it anymore for you.

You find yourself being particular with your preferences in cinematography and taking interest in production design, to satisfy that urge to have blockbuster visuals to go with your high-powered TCL LED TV. And that’s very understandable. That’s why we’re presenting you a list of 5 visually stunning films that should suit your TCL LED TV’s visual power.


Mad Max: Fury Road

In this instalment of Mad Max, we find our hero partnering up with Imperator Furiosa in a mission to free those under cult leader Immortan Joe.

Extravagant. That would be the sum description in one word for Mad Max: Fury Road. And critics agree. The film received praises for its narrative, cast, visual composition and director George Miller’s preference for keeping everything real and free from computer-generated graphics.

You will never see a dessert wasteland as visually satisfying as this setting from Mad Max.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Gustave H. prides himself over the first-class that he with junior lobby boy, Zero, provide to the guests of the Grand Budapest Hotel. The death of one of the hotel’s patrons leaves him as recipient of a priceless painting and a primary suspect in the patron’s mysterious passing.

Notable works such as The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom will tell you how illustrative and how detail-oriented auteur filmmaker Wes Anderson is, on visuals. His latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel offers the same, if not to a greater extent, attention to precision and symmetry to deliver an air of light-hearted nostalgia and humor.



When disaster strikes on her first shuttle mission, Dr. Ryan Stone is left to venture further into space, battling fear and panic while struggling to find a way back to Earth.

While it is debatable for some to label Gravity as a great film, it is undeniable that the collaborative, meticulous work by film director Alfonso Cuaron and director of photography Emmanuel on Gravity’s overall look and cinematography makes it a film to keep in mind.


That Thing Called Tadhana

Finding a companion in co-airline passenger Anthony, Macy embarks on an impromptu trip to the Mountain province, in the hopes of recovering from a recent heartbreak.

Antoinette Jadaone’s That Thing Called Tadhana delivers bits of truth about being in love with honest scenes that veers away from the usage of grand gestures. Along with this, viewers are treated to a peek at the nice locations of Baguio, Sagada and other spots at the Mountain Province. The film successfully brings out the beauty of these places that it encouraged a volume of tourist visits during and after its screening period.


On the Job

A film from one of the country’s most brilliant, On the Job centers on the controversial topic of politicians making hired killers out of the incarcerated. One would gather that the film does service to the country by depicting the nit and grit of Manila—and the structure of corrupt politics—as it is.

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