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Movie Suggestions For The Holidays


Can’t feel the spirit of Christmas just yet? It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it really wouldn’t be complete without the Christmas movies everyone has come to love throughout the years. These movies represent what it truly means to celebrate Christmas. They take us back to moments frozen in time from when we were children anxiously waiting for Santa’s presents, or that Christmas love story anyone would love to reminisce.

That bittersweet nostalgia makes everything about the holidays even more worth celebrating. So to truly get into the Christmas vibe, here are some movie suggestions to get you in the mood for the Yuletide season:

Home Alone

Home Alone, one of the most successful and beloved family Christmas comedy flick, follows the story of a young boy named Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) whose family accidentally leaves him behind when they take off for a holiday vacation in France. In the days that he is left “Home Alone”, he learns to take care of himself and safeguard the house from two conniving burglars who call themselves the “Wet Bandits”.

This film highlights the value of family, love and hope – perfect for the Christmas season.

A Christmas Carol

The classic Christmas story well loved by people of all ages, A Christmas Carol’s animated film adaptation in 2009 centers on Ebenezer Scrooge who could not care less about the people around him and emanates nothing but pure misery even during Christmastime. But on Christmas Eve, Scrooge gets a visit from the three ghosts of Christmas (Past, Present and Yet to Come) who lead him towards a journey that will ultimately open his eyes towards the spirit of Christmas.

This film teaches families the importance of giving, caring, and being kind for the people around you.

The Polar Express

The Polar express is an animated film based on children’s author Chris Van Allsburg’s modern holiday classic. The story, set on Christmas Eve aboard a magical train is about Billy who absolutely desires to believe in Santa Claus but hesitate as all of his family insists that the whole of North Pole, including Santa and the Elves are all just one big myth. But when a mysterious train visits Billy one night to take him to the North Pole, everything begins to change.

This modern classic Christmas story is one that will have you rekindle the child in you. It conveys the message that sometimes, faith and self-discovery begins with a little bit of belief.


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