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Movies for a Rainy Day

Movies for a Rainy Day

There’s just something about the rain that makes people want to stay in, laze under the sheets or curl up on the couch. While days like this is perfect for reflecting on the recent events of life, and just being plain sentimental with a cup of coffee, others choose to take the bad weather as a sign for an impromptu movie marathon with the family, gal pal or a special someone.

If you’re one of the latter, make sure that these screen gems are in your bad weather movie marathon list!

Notting Hill

What’s a rainy day movie marathon without this sweet masterpiece from rom-com queen Julia Roberts? London-based bookstore owner William Thacker gets his quaint world and heart shaken when a famous American actress Anna Scott drops by his shop. What follows? A couple of chance encounters, a few stolen kisses and a full-blown love affair.

The Devil Wears Prada

Best for the ladies, this Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep-starrer may just be the right piece for empowerment. A fresh graduate finds herself in the industry she—and everyone—least expects to be in. To top it off, she lands a job as assistant to the glamorously terror fashion editor Miranda Priestly.

One More Chance

Grab a special someone and a box of tissue with this tear-jerker of a romance and drama. Two lovers have their future planned to the detail, but realizations and the need for space to breathe gets in between. Revisit Popoy and Basha’s love story in HD and digitally-restored goodness.

Watch this teaser for One More Chance’s sequel too!

That Thing Called Tadhana

Where do broken hearts go? Apparently, they take a hike up the Mountain Province. At least that’s what Cinema One Originals Film Fest entry That Thing Called Tadhana says. Another one for the romantic comedy genre, Mace and Anthony are two strangers who embark on an unplanned trip to help each other let go of baggage and cope with recent heartaches.


This classic easily gets everyone hooked with an interesting question: What if Peter Pan grew up? The film may look a little outdated but because it’s a Steven Spielberg film, you can expect a few computer-generated effects and lots of eye candy production design. Might as well expect lots of laughs as this film is one of comedy legend Robin Williams’s finest performances.


Here’s one for the thrill and suspense-seekers. Go back to the first time Ghostface wreaked havoc in the quiet little town of Woodsboro. Directed by genre icon Wes Craven, Scream redefined the slasher genre by showcasing conventions and breaking them one by one in a clever, complicated plot.


Insidious brought on a new flavor of horror when it played in theatres in 2010. Disturbing images—pretty much every shot in that look into the astral plane—that just creep their way into your head, amplified with perfectly timed sound bites will keep you looking away but still engrossed in the film.

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