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Old Filipino Shows Worth Re-watching

Old Filipino Shows Worth Rewatching

Don’t you just love watching reruns of old Filipino movies and shows? There’s this nostalgic charm that comes with just seeing how the characters are dressed, how young the actors are, and how certain things used to look.

And the beauty of cable TV in the Philippines today is that we have more locally-powered channels to watch our favorite shows from. That includes channels such as Fox Filipino and Jeepney TV. Both feature reruns of well-loved TV shows and specials from local channels ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5.

To get you started on your throwback viewing, here are some Filipino entertainment gems being shown on cable TV in the Philippines.

Palibahasa Lalake

Let the good times roll… again. Leave it to Palibhasa Lalake to brighten up your day with old-school yet still funny jokes and gimmicks. More than the funny antics and the popular basaan and off-frame hand scenes, it’s the rapport and the closeness of the cast—Richard Gomez, Joey Marquez, Gloria Romero and Cynthia Patag—that captivated many Filipinos.

Old Filipino Shows Worth Rewatching
A still from the show featuring original cast members Richard Gomez and Cynthia Patag. Photo grabbed from


Filipino shows on cable TV in the Philippines would be incomplete without the well-loved Marimar. Considered as the queen of soap operas and teleseryes, the original Mexican soap opera which aired on RPN 9, was such a hit that local productions took inspiration from its storyline, characters and even its timeslot.

Marimar was also adapted into a Filipino teleserye starring Primetime King and Queen Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. A second adaptation is currently being shown on GMA.



A tale revolving around one of Cinderella’s step sisters, Grazilda takes on an enchanted kind of story as she is thrown out of her world and cursed to roam the streets of Metro Manila. With a powerhouse cast led by Glaiza de Castro, Cherie Gil and with Geoff Eigenmann playing the role of a prince in Manila setting, Grazilda won the hearts of fairytale fans and teleserye addicts.


Following the success of Mulawin, Encantadia adds a little more of magic to the whole experience of watching cable TV in the Philippines. The Mulawin spin-off centers on the land of diwatas named Encantadia. The mystical land is ruled and kept by 4 sanggres, sisters who are also keepers of elemental power stones. The show was applauded for its attention to detail and its commitment to delivering more than your typical low-budgeted teleserye.

Old Filipino Shows Worth Rewatching
Encantadia’s Sanggres with Reyna Minea played by Dawn Zulueta. Photo from GMA

Cable TV has definitely strengthened its positioning as a default source of entertainment with the addition of these feel-good finds.

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