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Quantum Dot TV: The Future of Television


With all the technology available right at our fingertips, making bigger, better, thinner TVs have become not only possible, but easier than ever. In the last few years, we have witnessed the glory and hype of 3D displays, the still recent release of 4K UHD and curved displays but innovation never takes a day off.

You might have heard it already at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) but this 2015, we welcome the latest addition to a long list of flat screen TVs – the Quantum Dot TV. You would be surprised to know that Quantum Dot displays have actually been around for quite a while but the technology has only recently made its way into television sets. And in the very near future, the world will be seeing more of it.

What is a “Quantum Dot” TV?

Quantum Dot televisions are basically LCD TVs that make use of LED backlights. The image on the Quantum Dot Display is produced exactly like it is produced on LCD screens. But the big difference is that quantum dots greatly improve the color.

What are the improvements that come with Quantum Dot?

LCD TVs were once the giants of the industry, but as they say, there’s always a room for improvement and quantum dot is the answer.  Quantum dots are expected to improve on the less than stellar range of colors that LCD TVs deliver. The backlighting systems of the earlier LCD Tvs illuminate the pixels in a process that requires blue light to go through filters to turn white. The effect of this process is insufficiently saturated greens and reds. There were some solutions to this problem that briefly stayed but the whole industry saw the shift to LED as a better choice – owing to opportunities to make the TVs more energy efficient and thinner.

With Quantum Dot display, a dramatic improvement is observed. Here’s how it works: quantum dot fine tunes the light that makes it through by being installed atop the LED backlight of an LCD TV. This would entail brighter colors and better color renditions.

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