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Responsible Viewing: Keeping an Eye on Your Kids


Summer vacation is well on its way for most of us! With school out, students now have the time to sit back and relax. They can now watch the movies they missed in the cinemas and catch up to the shows they follow, whether on television or online. Now having all this free time in their hands, parents have to make sure that the entertainment your children are subscribing to is both safe and educational.


To Have and to Hold
Children spend a lot of their leisure time either watching TV or surfing the net for videos to watch online, so it’s best for you to know what sites or channels they frequent. Give them the freedom to choose what they want to watch, but at the same time, educate them on how to choose to watch shows that would be beneficial to them. Be mindful of the MTRCB ratings of the movies and shows they watch, and encourage them to be intelligent viewers.


We Need to Talk
Giving your children the freedom to choose the media they want to consume is also a great way to start a dialogue with them. Listen to the stories of the things they watch nowadays, and you will find out more about their interests outside of school. By recommending shows with lead characters that possess a strong moral compass, they get to have a wide range of role models they can emulate. Talk to them about the behaviors of the characters that they liked and the actions that scared them or made them uncomfortable, and help them process their emotions about the movies or shows they watched.


Sit Back and Relax… with Them
The summer vacation is a good opportunity to spend more time with your children. They do not have to worry about homework deadlines or project submissions, so this could also be your chance to share your favorite classics with them! Parents’ viewing patterns often unconsciously affect their children, so we as parents should be mindful of our viewing choices around our kids. With the numerous choices available on Netflix, you can take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with your favorite movies, and make movie marathons a regular family bonding activity.


With proper guidance, even an activity that is normally seen as mere entertainment can be new learning opportunities. When your kids are tired from playing outside, or you’re sitting out the sudden summer showers, make your viewing experience something your kids would look forward to with you.

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