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Safety Tips for TV Show Binge-Watchers


With the internet reigning supreme over every other form of media entertainment today, watching your favourite television shows, programs and series is literally just a couple of clicks away. With this kind of technology available to anyone who has an internet connection at home, binge-watching a whole season of your favourite TV show or the whole line-up of your favourite movie franchise can be quite the temptation.

Of course, going on a movie and TV marathon doesn’t go without some hazards. So before you watch back-to-back movies, here are some simple tips to keep you up and running and safe from health hazards until you’ve caught up on your TV obsession.

Dim your television screen’s brightness.

When you stare hours on end at your TV screen, you’re likely to get your eyes strained – a common health hazard for serial TV binge-watchers. So to reduce the risk of getting eye strain, turn down the brightness of your screen to a level that would protect your eyes but will also keep your viewing experience enjoyable.

Move around and stretch your legs once in a while.

Deep vein thrombosis is a real occurrence and can happen when you sit motionless for too long. Sitting still for too long will create blood clots that may float up to your brain and cause stroke. So make sure you stretch your legs and or stand up and walk every 20 minutes or so.

Don’t overdo it.

Binge watching is technically defined as the practice of continuously watching a single television show or movie series for a longer span of time than usual. While it can be exciting at first, overdoing it can pose a lot of cons to your lifestyle. So make sure to not binge-watch too much or too often.

Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated.

Oftentimes, when you’re too engrossed in the TV show you’re watching, forgetting to eat your meals is a big possibility.


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