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Should You Let Your Kids Watch TV?


The notion that “TV is bad for children” has been around for generations. While it is true up to a certain point, depriving your kids of access to information is simply unfair. With the quickly changing times, many avenues for learning have shifted towards technology. Today, with the use of many devices, your kids can watch educational shows and play educational games.

Not to discount the fact that too much of TV can be quite harmful, using it right and filtering information necessary for learning is a big advantage for the growth and development of your children. So let down your guard for a moment and learn about how you should responsibly let your kids watch TV.

Educational programs do work.

While every educational program is different from another, and some are more effective than others, educational TV shows really do pack some learnings in their air time. In fact, Sesame Street, one of the most phenomenal educational TV shows of all time, have come up with a formula that not only would help children learn but help them learn in a fun and enjoyable way. Your responsibility in turn is to be selective in the shows that they watch and make sure that the fun and learning elements are balanced.

Being technologically aware is crucial for your kid’s future.

The world is changing and it’s changing fast. Everywhere, technology is becoming a way of life. It would only be wise to teach your kids about the responsible use of gadgets and devices. In order to guide them about the dos and don’ts of using technology, incorporate it in fun learning and bonding activities and make sure to keep a balance.

Integrate TV shows into learning activities.

For an educational program to come to work to your kid’s advantage, it’s not enough to simply let her view the program. Remember, theory and practice come hand in hand. In this light, pair the episode you’re watching with an activity so they can really grasp the concept that’s being discussed.

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