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Smart Lifestyle: Having a Smart TV in the Philippines


There’s nothing more satisfying than the pursuit of knowledge be it academically or street-wise. You learn to survive, you learn to take charge of the world around you; you change, you become a person with efficient and effective ways. Learn to be smart in everything you do and take your success story up a notch with a well-made visual system! With overcoming life’s greatest challenges comes a reward through entertainment, this is what a Smart TV can offer you: A Smart experience for your smart lifestyle.

If there’s one thing you can truly invest in when it comes to user experience, it’s a Smart TV. Why? Well, it’s because it completely complements one’s smart lifestyle. The TCL Smart TV delivers like no other. It can perfectly function with the benefit of all its smart-layered features. You can enjoy tinkering with the Smart TV as it gives users the extra edge when it comes to a complex yet enjoyable machine.

The TCL Smart TV has an eye candy 4K video resolution, perfect for those who want to go full spectrum on their smart life. As a versatile machine, it allows itself to run advanced applications and plugins with its Smart TV platform. With the latest Android installed, the Smart TV is up-to-date on performance and user interactivity. Apps in the market are also available, which means you can have tons of top featured apps that can be used for your Smart TV; a welcome addition aside from being a visual powerhouse. Easy usage, rich apps, customizable home screens and deep interactivity takes user experience to a whole new level. Talking about app experience, you can stream the web with just the press of a button. With the web browser, you can keep-up with shows and series through streaming and subscribing.

There are many things to uncover to a Smart TV than you think. But I think it’s best—and exciting—to assume that you’ll be tinkering with one in no time. Here in the Philippines, owning a Smart TV can save you the trouble of accessing a laptop and a television unit at the same time. With TCL’s Smart TVs, your convenience in being productive is amplified by a milestone. Be smart, be practical, be imaginative; Smart TVs are here to cater to your lifestyle!

Reinvent the way you watch television with TCL’s Smart TVs! With the Android 4.0 platform and unique App Store feature, building your smart lifestyle has never been this fun and functional!

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