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Smart TV and Internet TV: What’s the Difference?


The World Wide Web is really taking the whole world by storm. With the internet dominating almost every electronic gadget handheld and desktop alike, it’s only natural for our TV sets to follow suit. But along the way, TV manufacturers have branched out into two types of internet connectable TVs: The Smart TV and the Internet TV. But what’s the difference? Which one should you get?

To help you decide which type of TV to get for your home, we present the big difference between the Smart TV and Internet TV.

First off, “Internet” or “Internet-Ready” TVs basically refers to any TV which has a built-in Ethernet port.

App Capability

Both the Smart TV and the Internet TV can access the internet through apps or applications such as NetFlix and Facebook, allowing you to view online content. While this is one thing the two HDTV sets have in common, the array of apps you can use for Internet TVs is much more limited than the ones specialized for Smart TVs. Of course, the quantity of apps available for Smart TVs still varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Web browsing

Unlike the Internet Connectable TVs which do not come with web browsers, Smart TVs include a web browser so you can easily search for content on the internet much like you would on a laptop or a desktop computer. You can even connect a keyboard onto your Smart TV to make typing in content an easier and smoother user experience.

Video surfing

For Smart TVs, searching for videos online is as easy as 1 2 3. With integrated search facility, all you have to do is type in the title or name of the video or program you’re looking for, click search and you will immediately see the details (time and channel) of the program you searched for as well as other video content related to your search.

Internet TVs on the other hand, have limited capability for searching for videos in specific apps. So searching for videos for instance can only be done within video searching apps such as YouTube, among others.

Making the Decision.

It’s clear in the features that Smart TVs have definitely paved the way for better, more interactive viewing experience. It’s now just a question of which Smart TV to get.

TCL Smart 3D TV is an intelligent TV that carries the Android 4.2 plus system and brings you slick user experience. Through TCL’s voice and motion control technologies, you can interact with your TV conveniently. Instead of pushing a button, you just speak or wave to your TV to realize your operation. The unique app store also offers you a wide range of apps so that it enables you to enjoy your favourite apps from the comfort of your own couch. Besides, TCL Smart 3D Zone not only provides you with amazing 3D home theatre effect, but also breathtaking experience from 3D pictures and 3D games.

For a more comprehensive comparison of different Smart TV models, take a look at TCLs line up here.

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  1. I have problem with my TCL Smart TV! Before the TV tube (youtube) video is working good but right now is not playing the TV tube (youtube) apps in my TCL smart TV’ and also its not connecting the wifi network! I dont know what is the problem maybe you can give me advice or any help!

    Thank you!
    Freddie boy

    • Hi Freddie boy! Thank you very much for getting in touch with us and we are sorry for the inconvenience. May we now more about your problem? To assist you further with your technical concern, please call TCL Customer Care at these numbers:
      (02) 771 – 6888 – NCR Area
      0916 – 6929723 – Globe
      0908 – 4147995 – Smart
      0922 – 7248968 – Sun

      Thank you and good day! 🙂

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