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Get the perfect cooling comfort you need with the TCL Window Type Air conditioner. The air conditioner sports built-in manual knobs for a more precise and interactive experience when controlling cool and comforting air. The TCL Window Type Air Conditioner also has an easy to clean filter, multiple adjustable panels, and automatic air swing, for the ultimate cooling experience. The respective capacity of 0.80, 1.0, and 1.5 horsepower has a quick cooling system that can sufficiently eliminate heat and humidity of one to two rooms. With an energy efficiency rating of 11.0, 10.8 or, 11.3 it can effectively save electricity while maintaining a high degree of performance. The TCL Window Type Air conditioner leans toward full and creative optimization to cater well to your needs.


0.80 HP


Energy Efficiency Ratio

Cooling Capacity
7,900 Kj/h

Power Input
701 W

Net Dimension (W x D x H)
470mm x 535mm x 355mm

Applicable Unloaded Area
10-15 sqm

PHP 11,995

4 Responses to TAC-07CWM/I

  1. What is the recommended wire size and circuit breaker for 0.80hp tcl window type a/c? thanks! Just purchased this unit yesterday.Thanks!

    • Hi Ian! For aircon concerns, you may call After Service at 355-0177 and look for Ms. Rowena David, After-Sales Service Supervisor for TCL Air-conditioners. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Good pm just bought this unit 2 days ago.. may i ask what’s the proper way of turning this on? Kasi sa layout ng aircon.. off switch sa gitna then counter clockwise: high fan, med fan, low fan. Clockwise naman: high cool, med cool then low cool.. ibig sabihin from default off na switch immediate na agad to high cool/high fan? Hnd ba masisira aircon? Sa ibang aircon kasi clockwise ikot naka-sequence: off, fan, low cool, medium cool, high cool. Ngayon lang ako nakaencounter ng ganito e sabi pa nga sa ibang aircon maghintay muna ilang minutes sa fan bago iprogress setting to low cool, medium and then finally to high cool. This aircon, on the other hand,off then high cool agad. Clarification lang kasi baka masira agad unit. Your response is highly appreciated. Ty.

    • Hi Vanessa! Please don’t worry about that. The TAC-07CWM/I was really designed like that, so it shouldn’t really be a problem if you directly switch it into high cool. Thank you! 🙂

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