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The Creative Life has never been this efficient with the power of TCL’s Wall Mounted Split-Type Air Conditioner. With the maximum feature of energy efficiency, the inverter feature is meant to deliver compressor performance that aims to cater to a more flexible and adjustable temperature. Built with an automated cooling and heating performance, the inverter type not only saves excessive energy output, but also produces great audible feedback by sporting a calm and quiet sound. Built with horsepower ranging from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5, the ability to eliminate heat and humidity is easily addressed with its cooling optimization. Maintaining elegance, efficiency, and power, TCL’s Wall Mounted Split-Type Air Conditioner can accommodate large rooms with maximum convenience to space and electricity consumption.


1.0 HP


Energy Efficiency Ratio
13.4 – 10.6

Cooling Capacity
4,009-11,079 Kj/h

Power Input
300 – 1,050 W

Net Dimension (W x D x H)
(Indoor) 770mm x 180mm 240mm
(Outdoor) 760mm x 256mm x 552mm

Applicable Unloaded Area
9-16 sqm

PHP 28,495

11 Responses to TAC-09CSA/KAI

  1. Our aircon unit had EA problem last April 2017 and was checked by your technician on May 2017. The unit had its pcb for outdoor replaced on june 14, 2017 upon your technician’s advise. Unfortunately the replacement pcb only lasted 2 months. It broke down and had the same EA problem.How come? We’ve seeked the assistance of your technical department to resolve the issue and address our concern but got sarcastic comments. They told us that we have to purchase a new pcb for us to use our AC unit again. Is your brand and parts really defective? Is it disposable that after a few months of use it will have the same problem again. For your immediate attention. FYI we’ve chosen to bought this unit for our children to sleep comfortably but unfortunately its not the case.

  2. Could not find model TAC 09CSA/KEI in your webpage. I would like to know whether features of this model is FULLY INVERTER type meaning “DC is the main supply to the whole system” including the motor blower of evaporator as explained to me with Sales Lady at Appliance Center SM Southmall. Thank you for Your prompt reply as I’m tending to buy the unit tomorrow.

    • Hi Jaime! Thanks for getting in touch with us. For inquiries regarding air conditioner, please call TCL Service Hotline at these numbers:
      (02) 771-6888 – NCR Area
      0916-6929723 – Globe
      0908-4147995 – Smart
      0922-7248968 – Sun
      Thank you and good day!

  3. Ahm sir what if my A/C is not cooling and it use to be a number for example 20c and now its say E6 please respond ty sorry for my bad english 😀

    • Hi Luis! Thank you for getting in touch with us. To assist you further, kindly get in touch with our After Sales Service Center so they could assess the issue of your air conditioner. You may contact them at these numbers: (02) 3550177/(02) 4435908/(02)4759164

    • Hi Elmer! Thank you for getting in touch with us. We’re sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused you. To assist you further, kindly get in touch with our After Sales Service Center at these numbers: (02) 3550177/(02) 4435908/(02)4759164

  4. our unit was just installed yesterday, but unfortunately we are not able to use it because it creates electrical ground all over our house and even on the our main gate. What might be the problem. Urgent HELP pls.

    • Hello Renesar! Thank you very much for getting in touch with us and we are sorry for the inconvenience. May we know more about your problem? To assist you better, please call TCL Customer Care at these numbers:
      (02) 771 – 6888 – NCR Area
      0916 – 6929723 – Globe
      0908 – 4147995 – Smart
      0922 – 7248968 – Sun

      Thank you and good day!

  5. How to adjust the deflector from right to left? The swing button on the remote only controls the flap. Thanks!

    • Hi Maria! For aircon concerns, you may call After Service at 355-0177 and look for Ms. Rowena David, After-Sales Service Supervisor for TCL Air conditioners. Thank you! 🙂

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