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TCL partners with ESPN

TCL has stepped further in reaching the hearts of consumers in Southeast Asia as it launches its brand new marketing concept that uses videos as the medium. TCL’s multimedia prowess promoted a series of videos that was titled as the “Inspiring Bonding Moment”.


TCL, with world’s most authoritative sports media platform, ESPN, is ongoing with the promo. TCL is making a big move in making executions that will reach a wider audience. With the new marketing strategy, TCL and ESPN plan to share its sport-related and heartfelt content across more of Asia.

TCL and ESPN’s 4 part video series garnered the attention of a wider community. The series aims to share untold stories in sports. The first video actually focuses on the Philippine football player Simone Rota and his quest back to his homeland to find his biological parents. Each video tells a captivating sports story that targets the heart of consumers.

The video series was not only the first association with a wider sporting content but it was also empowered through the advertisements in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  TCL tackles the value in harnessing the emotion of sports to tell an effective story of how technology is bringing people together. As said earlier, each video will focus on a sports “hero” that tells a story that speaks to the souls of the consumers. In association with sports, comes a heartfelt journey to success and motivation.

TCL’s name stands for “The Creative Life” and it carries its name well as they use technology as a creative medium to make people bond and to explore a wider audience through communication. With its newest promotion, TCL is committed to promote high-end products and marketing activities to vigorously introduce a brand image that is slowly being built. And this is to be done through marketing cooperation worldwide.

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