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TCL Philippines Spearheads the Latest Innovation in Television Technology

Asia’s global leader breaks boundaries with top of the line TV’s to boost global presence.


As the fierce competition amongst innovative technology giants heats up, TCL once again made sure to set the bar even higher as the undisputed consumer electronics brand from China introduces the most advance innovation in Television Technology in the Philippines last April 10, 2014. Following the success of their Smart TV, Go Live TV and the first series of the 4K UHD TV in the country, the brand takes a gigantic leap by bringing a more dynamic television viewing experience to audiences on a worldwide scale. Today, TCL claims victory amid stiff competition locally and internationally by bringing forth the newest addition to their ever growing line of TV products – the Curve TV and 85” UHD 4K TV.


While for some companies, maintaining their position in the market might be deemed difficult; TCL continually expands its horizons in discovering bigger and better product propositions and development for consumers in all walks of life. And while the company has already claimed the top spot in their home base, China, the brand doesn’t see the need to stop there. TCL relays their plans of revolutionizing the digital and home entertainment landscapes by unveiling their major growth plans, international partnership ventures, social media campaigns, and product rollouts for the year 2014. Philippines, having one of the company’s subsidiary group, TCL Sun Inc., shares its plan for growth of its local partners, investors, and consumer communities.

Hundreds of partners and dealers from all across the Philippines gathered in this extraordinary event that took place exclusively at Solaire Resort and Casino – a luxury 5-Star Hotel in the heart of the busy capital of Manila. With dealers flying in from different parts of the Philippines, this is definitely the biggest Product Launching Event that TCL Sun Inc. has in store for everyone. Alongside TCL LED Lighting and Alcatel One Touch, TCL Sun Inc. made possible this historic event – also showcasing the latest TCL TV model units, Small Appliances, Air-Conditioning Systems to display and promote the strong appeal TCL has on the public eye.

TCL’s guests are welcomed by hospitable hotel staff, TCL product models, and exhibitors in the main exhibit area where they registered and received amazing gift packs. A “Function Card” was given to guests and was used as a checklist as they went through the exhibit and observed all of the products lined up. After they finished the exhibit, the guests were given special TCL Power Banks packs as a special token of appreciation for coming to the event.

The festivity was officially commenced as emcees Ms. Diane Querer (Ms. Earth Philippines 2011 Candidate) and Mr. Steeve Patrick Moore (Jack TV Host), welcomed all of the valuable guest including Dealers, Partners, and the Executive, including publishing and television broadcasting companies, also came to make coverages of the momentous product launch that is sure to be history in the making for Board of TCL Sun, Inc. Philippine media TCL. After honoring the prese
nce of valuable guests, the LED Dancers graced the stage for a spectacular fusion of technology and dance – highlighting a technologically brimming event throughout the entire night!

Inspiring speeches rolled in as the creative and innovative people behind TCL stepped on the stage and gave us a sneak peek into the wonderful plans that TCL has in store for the Philippine market and the Television Technology Industry as a whole.
23-24 copy“We have set three goals that we want to reach within three years. First, our goal is to become the most influential Chinese brand in the Philippine market and be considered as the brand that represents China. Secondly, we would like to establish a diverse business platform by boosting the sales of our non-TV divisions, such as the Mobile Phone group, Air Conditioner group, LED Lighting group, and Small Appliance group. Last but not the least, our goal is to at least achieve 10% market share and to rank third in the Philippine TV industry.” said TCL Sun Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mars Ma.

“Presently, the situation of the Philippine market is getting better. The Philippine economy is doing good, especially with the stable increase of the TV industry so we are assured of a good future. In the TV market, the trend that we can see right now is that there is a growing demand for big-sized TVs and Smart TVs. In addition to that, we can see that the Korean brands have reached a plateau; the Japanese brands are slowly becoming less popular; but on the other hand, the Chinese brands are constantly improving. This trend is a very good sign for our company.” stated TCL Sun Inc. CEO – Mr. Mars Ma. Having a noticeable competitive edge against major players in the industry, TCL has placed considerable efforts into development of its Big Size TV Line.

“TCL’s global direction right now is to strengthen the markets outside of China by promoting our brand image as one of the leaders in terms of television technology. Globally, we’ve sold 17,184,000 units in 2013 and we are ranked 3rd in the world. In China, we’re still ranked 1st and hopefully we could gain this title as well here in the Philippines,” says Mr. Eric Li, OBG EM General Manager for TCL.

Following suit the major success of their US and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) campaigns, TCL plans to deliver its brand promise in bold and innovative ways. Creating strategies and penetrating deeper in the consumer’s minds, the third biggest consumer electronics enterprise is planning to achieve dominance over competitors brand positioning in key neighboring countries in Asian and Western territories.

13-14Thereafter, Mr. Eason Cai – Director of Key Accounts and Marketing for TCL Sun Inc. – presented the current status of TCL in the Philippine market, continuing its legacy as one of the top TV selling companies in the land. Mr. Cai claimed that the company is very confident that the latest line of quadcore UHDTVs will strongly kick off the brand’s global campaign for local consumers. And with TCL’s award-winning patent technologies – like the NaturaLIGHT – Mr. Cai is very optimistic that the latest home entertainment products will also draw the same, if not, greater reception among Filipino patrons.

Not only this, but TCL’s strong integrated communications campaign and engagement with Entertainment Marketing will create a strong impact in the Philippine market, according to Mr. Cai. With this said, they unveiled the exclusive never-before-seen trailer of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” – the new addition to the lineup of events that TCL will be partaking for the year 2014 – will be hitting the theatres this summer in partnership with TCL Sun Inc. X-Men Cosplayers were also present during the event, giving the guests a chance to interact with the famous X-Men characters serving as a teaser for the following promotional season that is to come.

Adding to the ever growing list of high-end TV product line that TCL has to offer, is the much anticipated introduction of the latest series of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV product line, namely; the 85” and 65” New Generation TCL 4K UHD TV, and new Curved TV which gathered attention not only from the consumer market but most especially to all the partners and dealers as the introduction to the specs and special features of these amazing innovations was presented and thoroughly explained by Ms. Summer Gao (Supply Chain Manager of TCL Sun Inc) along with Mr. Miguel Villaroel (Junior Business Associate of TCL Sun Inc).

Also capturing the attention of everyone in the crowd was the 3D Video Mapping Presentation that wowed the audiences as it played before the unveiling of the main star of the product launch, the Curved UHD 4K TV, followed by an incredible light display and dance number by LASERMAN, accompanying the big reveal of the Big Size TV’s.

The unprecedented features that make up the TCL 4K UHD TV gives the utmost clarity in the display interface with a whopping 3840*2160 Resolution, giving four times higher resolution with clearer display than that of regular Full HD (1920*1080). By maximizing the high-resulution LCD screen with high-end software processing capabilities, colors are more vibrant than ever as TV brightness is automatically adjusted and saturation of color enables complete optimization of TV viewing experience. With these, plus the capability of the TV to transport easily digital videos via USB and HDMI port, gives the TCL 65” and 85’ 4K UHD TV’s an added edge without sacrificing the viewing experience.

The Curved TV — the TV industry’s newest innovation – has combined the utmost in surreal entertainment by providing superb surround experience (which enables a wide-angle viewing that is not possible on flat screens), more realistic effects (removes distortion of the images on the corners), reduced viewing fatigue (improves visibility for viewers on the sides), and enhanced color and contrast (reduces ambient glare to make the color of the picture appear deeper).25-26

“TCL has delivered quite a number of high-tech products recently, but we feel that the one thing that will have the most impact in the market is the launch of our new quadcore TVs. The latest product lineup also features high-performance TVs equipped with industry-leading display capabilities such as OLED, curved Ultra-HD, LCD, holographic display and sensor technology. Additionally, TCL showcases devices that enable digital painting and music composition, echoing the company’s slogan ‘The Creative Life,’” notes Mr. Eric Li.

This new lineup, according to Li, “more or less tells everyone that we are definitely not lagging behind in terms of technology, with TCL being one of the few TV brands in the Philippines that carry 4K2K and Curved televisions.”

As for the fierce competition among players vying for the top spot, TCL is pushing more aggressive marketing platforms. “In order to stay competitive with other brands, we plan to keep up with the current standard of technology in the industry, as well as be more aggressive with our marketing campaigns, he stressed.

After an impressive rundown of all the opportunities that TCL will be tapping into, the company took this special opportunity to award their outstanding partners that helped TCL in achieving their rightful spot as one of the top Philippine TV technology industry experts. They awarded 31 of the Most Cooperative Dealers, 7 Target Achievers of the Year 2013, 4 Top Sales Contribution Awards, and the Most Contribution Dealer Award with certificates and plaques of recognition for their hard work and dedication in helping TCL reach the top. The Executive Board of TCL Sun Inc. personally handed over the awards and thanked the dealers for their warm support.

But the festivities didn’t stop there! After the first part of the conference, the guests were treated to a special dinner banquet, to cap off the second half of the product launching. Guests were served the best entrées from Solaire Resort’s finest selection of delectable dinner meals. The wine toasting was lead by non-other than TCL Sun Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mars Ma. And as the parade of waiters came in one by one to serve the guests, Philippine Folk Dancers entertained the crowd with the famous “Singkil” dance of the Maranao people of Lake Lanao in the Philippines.

The angelic voice of Ms. Angela Vera also filled the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort and Casino as each of the tables each had wine toasting commemorations as dealers and partners engaged with one another and got to know each other better, thus creating a more substantial and stable relationship not just with dealers and TCL, but with everyone uniting as one in the spirit of uplifting the brand to become a credible competitor in the industry.

Table wine toasting shortly thereafter was followed by another astonishing dance number of one of the most popular and well-known of all traditional Philippine dances – “Tinikling”. The “Folklorico Filipino Dance Company” impressed the audiences with this pre-Spanish dance from the Philippines that involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a thrilling and energetic dance number!

37-38As an introduction to yet an even more exciting evening, several sets of raffles took place where the lucky winners got to take home spectacular prizes from TCL Sun Inc. including TCL LED Lights, TCL Electronic Pressure Cookers and a 32” LED TV for the grand raffle draw. In between the three raffle draws, the Folklorico Filipino Dance Company performed the traditional Filipino dances “Jota” and lastly “Sayaw sa Banga” which astounded the audiences.

TCL truly prepared a remarkable night filled with fun, excitement, and class as they left their marks in the hearts and minds of all the consumers, partners, media and soon hereafter, take on the Philippines at an entirely different level with their innovative and high-end products. By continuing its commercial objectives in the Philippine market, the TCL TV product lines are designed to provide Filipino customers with the most modern and affordable of next-generation TV products. After the success of TCL’s UHD TV at the 2014 CES, TCL research showed that larger screen sizes and higher resolution technologies are becoming increasingly attractive. With the latest trends in display field and demand for the perfect viewing experience, TCL has placed considerable efforts into the development of its TV line.

In addition, TCL announced that they are utilizing social media and other online platforms to promote the brand, as well as to bridge consumer-responsive interactions. “Tapping online resources is definitely one way of pushing our brand image and create brand awareness. We also see this venture as a venue for consumers’ active participation as they give us their thoughts and personal customer experiences with our products,” said TCL Sun Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mars Ma.

Focusing on social media platforms namely; Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat, TCL aims to gather a bigger reach in consumer market and become more interactive as the leader in consumer television technology. Capturing a wider audience while creating a subsequently huge benefit in the company’s overall growth in the Philippine Market.

As one of the industry leaders in Television Technology, TCL aims to not only succeed on a global scale but to reach every household of the Filipino community as a family brand – one that every household needs and will continue to trust for the coming generations. With the introduction of TCL’s Big Size (65” and 85”) 4K UHD TV’s and Curve TV, the dream of this ever growing enterprise will only be clearer thanks to their innovative marketing strategies and unstoppable drive to excel not only sales-wise but as pioneers in the TV innovative technology, bringing “The Creative Life” into every home during the process.


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