4 Cool Things to Do with Your Smart TV

Even though Smart TVs have been in the market since late 2000s, not everyone fully understands what can be done with one of the century’s brightest inventions. Well, allows us to enlighten you on that one.

But first, and just in case you’ve yet to buy one for yourself, take a short refresher on what a Smart TV is.

The Smart TV

smart TV is simply a television set which combines the capabilities of a television set with features supported by the Internet, such as interactive media, on-demand streaming media, and over-the-top content. Smart TVs run a complete operating system or a mobile operating system which allows for users to install and run advanced applications.

What are 4 things you need to try on your smart TV? We recommend these ones!

Regular Web Browsing on a Better Display

Everything is more fun and generally better when magnified! No matter how big your computer display is, it’ll always come second to your widescreen smart TV.

Connect your handheld device via Bluetooth, or your laptop via HDMI cable. These should allow you to mirror your activity on your device unto your TV.

If setting up or connecting your device takes up a chunk of your time, then it should be a good thing that most smart TVs today come with a built-in browser.

Get a Better View of Your Social Media Accounts

With a few taps on your smartphone or your tablet, it should be easy to check your Facebook or Instagram. But wouldn’t it be nice to see the entirety of your wall on Facebook, the blown up quality of your images on Instagram?

Binge-streaming Your Favorite Netflix Shows

With Netflix, all you really need is a stable internet connection, a smart TV with top-of-the-line display, a Netflix subscription (of course) and an unlimited supply of popcorn! Best for indoor nights with friends, smart TVs should provide the right kind of immersion you need for viewing!

Play Games without a Console

Did you know that smart TVs have fun mini-games installed in them? Well, they do and you can download more from its app store!

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