4 Paranormal and Mystery Shows that’ll Spook You

In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is what’s called the ghost month. This year, that would fall on dates August 22 to September 19. Don’t believe in the supernatural? These shows will make you!

Ghost Adventures

Still strong after its recently concluded 14th season, Ghost Adventures has established a solid following and had inspired a new breed of paranormal investigators who now looked to tech for credible documentation of the unknown.

Fronted by paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, the Ghost Adventures crew travel to haunted locations in and out of America. Each episode looks into the background of the featured location before the team dusk-to-dawn lockdown, where they set up cameras in key areas and use different gadgets to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal.

Ghost Hunters

Debuted in 2004 and ended in 2016 with 11 seasons on its belt, Ghost Hunters is one of Syfy’s longest-running series with episodes that pulled in roughly 3 million viewers. The paranormal docu-soap was one of the early shows to establish the now regular ghost investigation format of a team of investigators visiting haunted locations to debunk or affirm paranormal presence and activity.

Much like Ghost AdventuresGhost Hunters had solidified its brand and even though the original members of the team have chosen to put the show on hold, old episodes of the show are still fun and exciting to re-watch.

Paranormal Lockdown

Originally from Ghost Adventures, seasoned investigator Nick Groff partners with Katrina Weidman for in-depth and immersive paranormal investigations. How immersive, you ask? 72-hour lockdowns in haunted locations level of immersive. The paranormal pair believe that the longer the lockdown, the more that the spirits will communicate or have their presence felt.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

A Youtube series that’s an instant hit, Buzzfeed Unsolved puts together supernatural fanatic Ryan Bergara and skeptical Shane Madej. As paranormal shows go, the pair would investigate myths and haunted places. Buzzfeed Unsolved is more comedic than it is hair-raising though, partly due to the show being a Buzzfeed property and largely because of the contrasting characters of Ryan and Shane.

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