5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies

Passionate, brave, intelligent, confident—truth be told, we need more empowering female characters in film! Be inspired, be moved by these shining examples of inspiring women in film.


The First Empowered PrincessPrincess Leia - 5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies | TCL

Leia Organa, Star Wars series

One of the galaxy’s greatest heroes was a no-frills princess who held a gun, kept her hair in tight buns, and swept the enemies of the resistance with the ends of her white gown. A princess who endured political strife and made her way to a key position in the Resistance, now general, Leia Organa keeps a strong, resilient character and has established herself as the heart and formidable leader of the rebellion.

Princess Leia is THE film princess who broke the connotation that cartoons and the works of Disney had set up. She was the first film princess to hold a weapon, to fight alongside her warriors, and actively participate in the war with the Empire.


The Young, All Head & Heart

Hermione - 5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies | TCL

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series

Hermione Granger broke out of the arm candy-slash-sidekick, love interest stereotype by being the voice of reason in the magical, core trio of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Why wasn’t she sorted into the Ravenclaw house, if she’s so smart? True fans of the book and film franchise would know that Hermione is not all head. She has heart, empathy, a sense of integrity, and a resolute belief in fighting for justice.


Sci-fi’s Original Bad-ass Heroine

Ripley - 5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies | TCL 

Ellen Ripley, Alien series

Ripley is not a heroine with supernatural skills and abilities. Every encounter with the dreaded Xenomorphs is met with the character’s bravery and fierce cleverness and resourcefulness.

Ellen Ripley is one of the most celebrated feminist film icons due to the fact that her being a woman was not made a big fuss out of. The character worked and was bad-ass at killing her alien foes without having to show off too much skin or with the help of a man.


The Unapologetic, Self-Assured Editor-in-Chief

Miranda - 5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies | TCL

Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

She might not be the most likeable in the film, but she’s not sorry for being so. Miranda Priestly is the intimidating editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Runway. She’s lead character Andy’s big challenge as an entry-level employee in the fashion industry.

Miranda is a strong female figure in that she keeps her composure—the calm at the center of the storm—while at the top of her game. She knows what she’s doing, the consequences of every decision, and shoves aside what other people think of her. Ultimately, Miranda makes it okay for a woman to stand her ground, to stay still and collected while slowly inching towards your goal.


The Relentless Game-Changer

Katniss - 5 Empowering Female Characters in Movies | TCL

Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games series

A more recent addition to the growing list of empowering female characters is Katniss Everdeen. Katniss’s plan was to live within the rules and live quietly. But when her sister was chosen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, she had to step in. Katniss won and was well-received, inspiring a following to take action against the many injustices that the Capitol has been enforcing.

From her first day in the arena to the final days of the rebellion, the Mockingjay had a mind of her own. She hates being told what to do, and refuses to be used as a pawn in a game that has claimed and continues to claim so many lives.

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