At-Home Movie Night Essentials

Movie nights with friends or someone special are a relaxed way of bonding. But when you’re friends with true-blue movie friends, hosting movie nights are close to throwing a huge house party. Make it your mission to impress with these TCL tips for hosting movie nights.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

No exaggeration, dead airs and dull moments can happen! The only way to avoid these plotholes is to plan ahead. What are the activities of the night? What movies have you lined up?

               Create a Theme

For a cozy night-in with your S.O., there’s really no need to come up with a theme. But with eager close friends, movie nights can easily be a Harry Potter Appreciation Night or an Avengers Phase I Chronological Marathon.

               Scout for Good Movies

Dead air in-between movies are a big no-no. Be prepared with a ready playlist of movies! It only takes a good 15 minutes online to come up with a list that aligns with the night’s theme.

What to Eat

Watching movies are just not the same without an unlimited supply of popcorn and soda! Do a little bit of shopping for snacks that’ll up your movie night’s experience. If it’s a night with friends, may be you can get them involved and make it a pot luck type of gathering.

You can also be creative and cook up something that’s in line with your theme.

Set the Scene Up

Clear the TV room and get your fluffiest pillows and blankies out! Give your couch and carpet a good vacuum cleaning, as well. Up the ambiance by playing with lights and adding a few DIY decors.

Don’t Forget to Invite Guests!

What’s a movie night without the laughter and screams from friends, or the tight and romantic cuddles from your boyfriend or girlfriend? Get those chat boxes and phones ringing for this weekend’s get-together.

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