2015 Horror Flicks You Should Watch On Your Curved TV

2015 ended with not only an awakening of slumbering franchises but also movies with an abundance of jump-scares. If there’s anything more frightening than watching a horror flick, it’s watching a horror flick on your Curved TV. Do take note though, if you go down the path of visual immersion with the Curved TV, then you better be brave enough to face the ghastly treats of the 2015 fright nights. With the Visual power of the Curved TV you have a more in-depth journey with the spooks. Trust us, but that extra boost in sharpness will surely give you some pretty mean goosebumps

Here are the 2015 horror flicks you should watch on your curved TV!

1. Insidious Chapter 3

The third instalment of the successful franchise. Insidious Chapter 3 still gives us that nostalgic goosebumps through its signature eerie music. One stroke of the instruments directly gives us chills down our spines. The third movie is actually a prequel of the imminent events that will follow. We tailgate spiritual expert, Elise Rainier, in her quest to uncover the spiritual entity that surrounds a certain family.


2. It follows

A disturbing slasher film that follows a thrilling chase of “death follows you”. This spook-fest is a story about an outbreak where people catch a zombie-like state through sexual contact. There’s a killer on the loose and you can expect one of the best plot twists in the horror genre. The characters are creepier because their development immerses us to feel something for all of them. Well, mostly, they make us feel scared. Gritty, disturbing, and paranoid-like, this is one film you mustn’t miss.


3. Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Torro directs an epic spook fest of gothic proportions. Love plays a central role as this Victorian creep show dashes toward revenge, murder, and bloodshed. The movie delivers well in psychological warfare, giving each well-drawn character a run for their lives. Tom Hiddleston plays a part to remember as he guides the viewers to mysteries and plot holes to fill. Crimson Peak is an intimate thriller that approaches the spiritual realm in a visceral manner; A true and raw masterpiece indeed.


4. Unfriended

Unfriended is a new take on the horror film as it uses the social media and the power of connectivity to give us a gripping scare. This millennial themed movie portrays that anything goes can go wrong with using social media. The tale follows a group of teenagers where an evil spirit begins to haunt them through the online medium. There are intense moments where each character meets their fate and you’d be rooting for anyone to make it out alive. Clever and full of suprises, this movie gives fresh eyes to avid fight night fans.


5. The Gift

A happy couple, a big house, a successful life; what could go wrong, right? Wrong! This psycho-thriller tackles the familiar “trapped inside the house cat and mouse game” as we follow a couple’s struggle to survive the mystery that shrouds their high school friend, Gordon. Whatever you can predict while watching this movie will be thrown out the window. The plot twist is imminent yet utterly surprising. Prepare to claw for some answers at the end of the movie as it will give you a hanging moment that’s worthy to remember.

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