Advantages of the Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot, the future of display technology, or some would say it would be. Different countries are now tapping the quantum power in order to achieve faster, cheaper, and stronger television displays. The quantum dot is the latest instalment of technological advance since the discovery of the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). TCL has achieved Quantum Dot Technology with their curved TVs creating supremacy in both energy efficiency and viewing pleasure. Imagine watching a movie like Transformers in one of these units. It’s definitely going to be epic in the eye-candy department.

So what are the things you need to know about the Quantum Dot technology?

  1. Ultra Definition

Unlike its predecessors, television units manufactured with quantum dot technology have more crispness in image detail giving viewers no problem when it comes to extra large images on screen. Every detail is carefully polished with the quantum dot prowess providing a fantastic display pleasure. Plus, with the depth perception of a curved TV, the viewing experience is amplified.


  1. Quantum Dot Technology is cheaper and more energy efficient

Quantum dot technology is fairly easy to manufacture and cheaper compared to OLED TVs. They are made from inorganic semi-conductor crystal substance measuring just a few nanometers in width. Quantum dots can glow in any array of colors, determined by their sizes. With today’s technology able to precisely control the quantum dot, the light production is easily flexible. Quantum dots are also incredibly steady and stable, so their effects don’t wear out or change over time.


  1. It’s all about colors

Quantum dots have a special feature, and that is to emit just one color. Quantum dots are excellent in the production of colors so when they are struck by light, they glow spectacularly. The process of this new technology is taking a sheet of film and saturating it with a bunch of quantum dots that have been made to glow in precise shades of red and green. Then they use blue LED rather than yellow phosphorous covered LED. When the blue LED shines on the sheet of quantum dot enhanced film, the red and green dots start glowing creating a better source of light to work with. This process is the one responsible for creating superior picture quality.


  1. Quantum dots are not only used in TVs

Quantum dot technology is now spreading toward smart phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors. Because of its energy-efficiency and advantage in image detail, many are tapping into this technology to achieve greater results in projects and energy management.

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