TV Accessories You Need For Your Entertainment Center

It’s easy to forget at times that you need more than just a big, flashy, hi-def TV. To an expert TV viewer, you’d need a myriad of accessories to flaunt and truly enjoy the experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment center, then here’s a list of things you’ll need to step up your game.


Blu Ray Player
We know it’s discouraging to get a Blu Ray player when media is being shared digitally now and a single disc costs no less than a thousand pesos. But everyone knows these players provide far superior content since they can hold more special features than any other format that’s passed, a pro that any movie buff can appreciate. But if you’re still not convinced, then how about a game console?

Game console
Any latest game console nowadays can play a multitude of files, including a Blu Ray disc. But obviously, that’s not the only thing it can do. Why not take advantage of your TV and get the most out of what you paid for by playing games or even surfing the Net with it. Definite powerhouse here.

HDMI cables
You may find that most of the things on this list are optional, but HDMI cables are a requirement – emphasis on the requirement – in order to get the best picture quality because these are the primary means of carrying high-def signals from your HDTV, Blu Ray player, or a game console. So it’s recommended not to skimp on this one.

A/V Surge Protectors
Power drips and surges can do some real damage on any appliance, so it’s better to avoid these kinds of situations by getting these especially that the Philippines is constantly plagued by thunderstorms.

Surround sound system or a sound bar
To someone with a keen ear, the speakers of a regular TV isn’t going to cut it. A sound bar, or better a surround sound system is a big improvement over built-in speakers. It will put anyone in a more immersive TV watching experience

If you really want to step it up, a comfortable chair is something you’ll need to match the posh atmosphere of a VIP theatre. Get a popcorn maker and a fully stocked soda fridge while you’re at it too… We’re just kidding, but not really.

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