Low maintenance, power-packed cooling performance for the laidback and easy-going, TCL’s window type TAC-09CWM/H 1HP perfectly eliminates heat and humidity with your preferences and with a feature set that allows for reliable fast cooling and minimal maintenance at an Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF) of 10.8. The air conditioning unit comes with an impressive makeup of highly-efficient copper thread pipe, Titan Gold fins and a 5-in-1 health filter system to deliver a clean, cooling performance with reliable durability against corrosion and bacteria. Its internal self-cleaning function coupled with its easy-to-clean filter mesh makes maintenance effortless.



Horsepower .08 HP
Model TAC-09CWM/H
Manual Window Type Yes
Easy to Clean Filter Mesh Yes
High-efficient Internal Thread Copper Pipe Yes
5-in-1 Health Filters Yes
Auto Protection Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Fast Cooling Yes
GROSS SIZE – BOX (L x W x H) 560mm x 570mm x 430mm

Additional information

Net Dimension

560mm x 570mm x 430mm