5 Movies to Get You that Back-to-School Spirit

When summer break rolls over, what follows is a season most kids, teens and young adults dread. But hey, gather your would-be classmates for a little marathon! These movies just might be the flicks you need to inspire a shift in mindset and make back to school cool.


Spider-man: Homecoming (2017)


They say that the third time’s a charm. It seems to be true with the reception of Spiderman: Homecoming. The reboot film is a fresh retelling of the amazing Spider-man’s story, doing away with the familiar scenes of the spider bite, the heavy heart-pounding Uncle Ben scene and Peter’s discovery of his powers.

In Spider-man: Homecoming, Peter Parker is a 15-year old high schooler who longs to be a member of the Avengers. He occupies himself with crime-fighting and deals with a low-key arms (from alien tech) creators and dealers to prove his worth as a hero. As a consequence, he misses out on should-be highlights of his high school life – an opportunity to represent his school in a national quiz bee, a chance to be with a girl he admires, as well as sacrificing attendance in school dances and parties.


Easy A (2010)



Easy A provides a glimpse into a modern high school culture where bullying is even more rampant. Emma Stone is Olive Penderghast who uses the system to her and other socially-challenged students’ advantage.


High School Musical (2006)



We Filipinos love singing in almost any part of our day! That’s why High School Musical became an instant hit. As musicals go, High School Musical is a glossy, bubbly and colorful high school movie that sings about the character-breaking dreams of the students of East High.

Sing to favorite songs Start of Something New and Breaking Free with the young, budding pair (also then couple) of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.


Mean Girls (2004)



Cady Heron is a well-rounded, previously home-schooled, high school student. She instantly gets inducted into the school’s most exclusive, top-tier clique: the Plastics. Fake friends, a few catfights, a huge school scandal and a series of events that keep the school year from falling into a dull state enriches Cady with a new perspective on high school and life, in general.

Okay, school can be a terrifying jungle of gossip and competitive peers, or it can mainly be the place where you learn more about yourself via the interactions and the friendships you make.  Whatever it may be for you, Mean Girls is the perfect reminder movie that high school is but a brief moment in life. How you survive, endure, enjoy or make the most out of it is entirely up to you.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)



Hogwarts is THE school that everybody wished they went to. Sure there may be ghosts roaming around, trolls in the dungeon, shifting staircases, whomping willows and the like, but you get to cast spells, create potions, and play Quidditch!

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