Film Facts: What We Know About the Upcoming Darna Movie


Darna will once again soar the skies soon, and this time it’s going to be a huge comeback to the big screen. Touted to be the biggest produced locally, the epic movie will be a huge collaborative effort between director Erik Matti (On the Job and Seklusyon) and Star Cinema.

Everyone’s hungry for details for the superheroine’s movie comeback! Be in the loop! Here are the news and what we know about the Darna.

Liza is the New Darna

While some are sad that Angel Locsin had to let go of the role due to a back injury, others are pretty excited and hyped to see teen queen Liza Soberano take on the action-packed role of Darna.

It’ll be a huge leap from the sweet and demure roles that the 19-year old actress has been playing in both small and big screen. But Liza is out to prove her critics wrong, doing cardio workouts to be able to perfect stunts, getting into shape for whatever Darna’s new costume will be, and even preparing her voice for the iconic Darna shout.

Darna will Sport a New Armor

There have been reports about updating Darna’s uniform to one that’s more modern and less revealing. Although no names were dropped in terms who will design the costume, director Erik Matti had this to say about the new costume design.

“We want Darna to be progressive and gusto namin na hindi lang siya basta costume lang. Gusto namin medyo functional din na hindi lang magdadala ng kagandahan ni Liza.”

The mystery of what the new battle suit will look like prompted a wave of fan art featuring costume ideas from the eager fans of Darna. Here are just some, posted on Instagram.

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One thing’s for sure: our beloved hero will still fly with red and gold.

The Millennial Makeover

Darna has been portrayed many times on screen, with little modifications to her character to fit the times. You can expect that the new take on the superheroine will still embody the core characteristics, but also carry the ideals and positive interests of the millennial generation.

With today’s efforts for gender equality, there is no better time to  full-on display and project women’s strength and independence, really.

Other Casting Choices

We know that Valentina, Darna’s arch nemesis, will be in the movie, but who will play the snake-headed femme fatale? Reports say that the strong candidates are Anne Curtis and Sarah Lahbati.

Will Enrique Gil, Liza’s love team partner and rumored boyfriend, be in the movie? Perhaps as Efren? There have also been news that Iza Calzado will be part of the cast.

Apart from Liza putting on Darna’s headgear and the announcement that the production team will be launching a series of auditions for Ding, there are no official announcements yet on casting.

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