Inspiring Bonding Moments with Simone Rota

TCL has partnered with one of the biggest sports giants in the industry, ESPN, to create a four-video series that tackled on Inspiring Bonding Moments with famous athletes. These videos truly warm the heart with stories that bond the audience’s take on family, struggles, and life in general.

The first video highlights the inspiring story of FC Stallion and Philippine Azkals player, Simone Rota. Aside from being a great player on the field and garnering worldwide success with his mastery in football and kind-heartedness, Simone Rota is a player on a journey to find his biological parents.

So who is Simone Rota?

Before the success in the Football scene, Simone Rota became an orphan at a very young age. Born to Filipino parents in 1984, the young Simone Rota was left to the care of Buklod Kalinga orphanage in southern Manila, from where he would be adopted by an Italian couple when he was six months old.


Love for Football

At 8 years old, Simone began to love football. Little did he know that it would be this would be the start of his athletic career. He spent most of his years in Milan and at the age of 17, he was finally drafted to professional football in an Italian and Switzerland team.

In 2014, at the age of 29, Simone Rota returned to his birthplace for the first time in order to find his biological parents. In the Philippines, aside from the coverage of the inspiring story with TCL and ESPN, Simone Rota supported charities in the Philippines and gave away TCL products to his orphanage.


The Filipino National Team

Simone continues to play Football as he was chosen to be casted to the Filipino National Team. His passionate heart combined with his love for others continues to drive him to find his true origins and identity.

In the meantime, aside from competing with the Philippines, Simone Rota runs food programs around the local slums and giving football lessons to children.

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