Size Matters

The television used to be the undisputed king when it comes to entertainment. There were no smart phones to keep you occupied on your long commute and no tablets for you to play games with. But since the last decade, these gadgets have completely taken over our lives, and to pair it with the sheer force of the Internet? They’ve become unstoppable.

TV is not giving in without a fight, of course. Here’s why TV is still best for watching your shows and movies.


Unli-sources of Entertainment

Thanks to the Internet and all its forms, handheld gadgets carry the capability to connect you to multiple sources of entertainment wherever, whenever. The good news is that TV entertainment is no longer limited to local and cable channels, as well. Smart TVs and features in select TCL units such as Home Cloud or WiDi may also provide access to the World Wide Web and allow you to stream videos from different sources.


Technically Speaking…

TV is also kicking back in the technical aspect of the battle. While handheld gadgets are continuously working to getting everything doable in the palm of your hand, TV is hard on improving the very purpose it’s invented for. Recent developments such as curved/flexible displays, the integration of quantum dots, are all for stepping up display and viewing quality, making sure that there’s added value to your viewing experience.


It’s all About the Experience

One thing television can offer that smartphones, tablets and other small screen alternatives may be challenged to provide is immersive viewing experience. Think of cinema houses and why it’s important that the lights are off while films are showing. The big screen and dark setup makes you less aware of your surroundings and helps with your suspension of disbelief. To some extent you are immersed in the setting and you are involved in the story of what you’re watching.

Specs and features aside, size matters when it comes to viewing quality and experience.  Watch on a small screen and you may easily be distracted by whatever moves outside the borders of your screen.


Ultimately, choosing what screen is best for your viewing habits depends on… well, your viewing habits. For the multi-taskers and those of the slasher generation, watching on laptops, tablets and smartphones should be enough. But for the cinephiles or those with true love for audio-visual entertainment, the television remains to be the next best thing to cinema.

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