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The Ideal Way to Mount Your TV and Lighting for TV Viewing


Getting the ultimately perfect viewing experience doesn’t end in just purchasing the best TV with the highest quality for your home. TV placement, viewing angle and lighting accounts for just about the same level of satisfaction you’d get as the quality and size of your HD TV.

So if you’ve already purchased your HDTV of choice, here are a few guidelines you should absolutely follow to provide the best viewing experience for you and your family.

TV Placement

If you think picture quality is exclusively the responsibility of your TV’s screen resolution, you’ve got it wrong. Viewing angle is an essential factor that largely affects picture quality as well. So to have the best picture quality, make sure to place your TV in such a way that you can view it at a height where your eyes are parallel with the center of your screen. The most comfortable viewing angle, on the other hand is 12 degrees below the horizon of the TV screen, meaning the middle of the TV should be just a little lower than eye level. This keeps you from trying to strain your neck upwards. Otherwise, improper TV placement will cause your eyes to dry out and stiffen your neck.

You can do this by installing a TV stand or wall mount to support your TV. It’s also ideal to get a stand or mount that can be easily adjusted.

Room Lighting

It’s quite annoying when your TV reflects artificial light from lamps and even natural light from windows, resulting in TV glares that can make your screens colors washed out and faded. This should not be taken lightly as improper lighting may cause eye strain. Here are a few tips to strategically place your TV where natural and artificial light will have a positive impact in your viewing experience:

  • Avoid placing your TV across a window especially when the morning and afternoon sun that creates the glare. Otherwise, install blinds or curtains that can reduce or totally remove reflections from the screen.
  • If your window is right behind your TV, that won’t do any good as well. The light that comes in from the window will make it hard for your eyes to adjust to the brightness of your TV screen. If you can’t rearrange, just install blinds as well.
  • On the other hand, it’s also ideal to have some light shining on the wall behind your TV. Watching in total darkness will strain your eyes.
  • Perhaps the best possible way of eliminating difficulties in lighting is to turn one of the rooms in your house into a home theatre where there is adjustable light that will help you achieve optimal viewing comfort.


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