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The Top Ten TV Series Cliff-hangers of 2014-2015

We’ve all been there; we poured our precious time on watching all those TV Series. As the hours seem to wane, we push through always craving for the next thing to happen. Don’t worry about getting bleary eyed during class or work, at least you finished the season’s climactic episode. Watching TV series can be such a joy, it can get you hooked for hours on end but just like any series it can surprise you in the most horrible of ways. When I say horrible, I mean those bittersweet cliff-hangers that will keep your mouth gaping, and unfortunately, this will continue on until you contemplate on your bedside thinking about the events that might possibly happen.  Such is the lifespan of a TV series; it aims to keep you coming back for more even if they have to resort to mentally torturing you on the patience department. Be warned! Spoilers will follow!

Here are the top ten cliff-hangers of 2014-2015 that left us with nothing but mystery and debris of emotional scars.

1. How to Get Away with Murder

The mother of all plot twists in this year’s TV series. Whatever you think or even expect to happen, don’t bother because chances are, it’s not going to go your way. This series has pulled so many strings, our fragile doll states are slaves to it. And that ending, what the hell just happened? So is everyone on the suspect list?


2. Game of Thrones

GOT is famous for killing for, well, almost every other character in the entire series. A series of blood and fire, it’s one of the most intense medieval series to date. The ending got us weeping until we ran out of tissues; of all the character’s to die, the favourite one—well, for most—had to kick the bucket, or did he?


3. The Walking Dead

For all its worth, it’s still the most prominent series on Zombie apocalypse survival series. The series is not only good at displaying man’s struggle to survive, but it also shows the drama behind every team where family ties and the ideal of trust become hazy by the episode. The finale was a bit of a downer as another “please doesn’t die” character had to be devoured by a pack of zombies. We did see his intestines spill out. Tough luck, buddy.


4. The Flash

A superhero series to grace out list, The Flash is no stranger to cliff-hangers. With the speed of insane proportions, Barry White sped through the unknown of the wormhole. His decision to enter the wormhole could very much alter the clockwork of the universe. Can you guys fasten the series’ production? We’re shaking over here.


5. Arrow

Arrow is an American TV series based on the DC superhero named Green Arrow. The series did will in creating a new look for the protagonist. Capturing, killing, and beating criminals to a pulp is what this series revolves on. Good thing the good guys keep surviving fatal attacks, no worries right? It was all good until the final episode happened. Will the person survive as she is an important character? Who knows?


6. Pretty Little Liars

If you think the series’ long mystery has been solved then you can just wave goodbye to that thought. Things take a turn for some pretty gruesome events and as an upgraded intensity, Alison is at the center of it all ranging from the plot to the mystery. A warning comes for all: “He’s coming for you.” now who could that be?


7. Jane the Virgin

With Jane and her lover Rafael seemingly happy with their baby, it looks like the season will have a good ending; a happy couple, strong friendships, a healthy baby, what could go wrong right? Well, it looks like the villainous drug lord of the series kidnaps the baby and they are nowhere to be found. It looks like I’ll be waiting for the whole season just for this series to start again and that can be a bad thing for us who are left hanging.


8. Gotham

Dark, gritty, and full of exasperated surprises, Gotham is full of visceral chaos. There’s always a new villain to encounter and poor Bruce is young and alone (with a bit of Alfred on the side). It’s going to take awhile until young Bruce take up the cowl to become the Dark Knight. It was in the finale that we see piles of bodies being stored in a certain laboratory. Does this mean a certain villain will once again roam the street of Gotham? We’ll never know.


9. The Vampire Diaries

Aside from drooling over Ian Somerhalder, we got out mouths agape from the finale’s episode. Entering its 7th season, Vampire Diaries has always been great at leaving an empty hole in our minds, keeping us clueless. With the devastation of Caroline with her announced sick mother and Elena trapped by a cloaking spell, things will look interesting.


10. Grey’s Anatomy

Okay it’s not really near the finale but there was one event so tragic that it broke the hearts of many Grey’s Anatomy fans. Grey-sloan memorial was in itself a death sentence so you can expect that people will eventually die there. So even if one of the characters did their best to save help the lives of many, he had to meet an undeserved death. Quite a game of thrones plot if you ask me.

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