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Things You Need To Know About Earth Hour

Did you miss this year’s Earth hour? Did the months breeze by without you noticing that there was a one hour lights-off event that happened a few months ago? Well, not to worry! Earth hour will be upon us again before you know it. Why not bring back to our beloved planet by taking a break from all our technological habits and electricity-generated activities. Trust us but there still so many things to do even without your electricity off. You’ll be giving mother Earth and your electricity bill a huge favour, trust us.

Here are things to know about Earth hour!



  1. Earth Hour happens yearly wherein people turn off their lights for one hour to show that they care about Earth and all its natural resources. It’s a way to give back to all the helpful things the planet has provided us.


  1. Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007. It has garnered worldwide attention wherein countries have started to join in the annual celebration. Earth Hour now has an impressive number of 170 countries—which is still increasing by the year.


  1. Earth Hour is not about the energy conservation— although, it can be included— that will be saved within one hour. Rather, it’s a call to action in order for many to be addressed on the issues facing the planet. It’s a way to promote health and conservation for Earth and to push through with environmental wellness.


  1. The annual global event is organized by WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature). This organization encourages all individuals and communities to turn off their lights for one hour, giving a concerned message to climate change. Also, the crowd funding of organizations such as WWF help communities to take action in preserving the environment. Different countries have now taken into priority the planting of new trees, the prevention of long-term oil spills, and many more!


  1. Earth Hour usually happens on the last Saturday of the month of March from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Make sure to check for updates if there are changes on the time and date!


  1. You can still do a lot of neat stuff during earth hour. From candle-lighted dinners, outdoor walks, to star gazing, you name it! There are so many things to do even without the use of light or electricity.

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