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Tips for Getting the Best Viewing Experience


When you get your hands on the TV of your dreams, don’t just settle on its default settings! The secret to achieving the best viewing experience that your home theatre system can provide lies in the extent of your ability to modify its settings to match your preference.

It might sound complicated but don’t worry, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with the best settings for your viewing pleasure. All you have to do apart from reading your TV manual to get the best calibrations is tinker around for a bit and experiment.

Use the right connections.

When it comes to picture quality delivery, one of the first considerations to make is cable connection. In order to end up with the best picture quality, it’s of utmost importance to make the right connections. If your TV is HDMI enabled, then by all means, use the HDMI connection as this delivers the best picture quality since HD images can only be delivered by HDMI.

Monitor your screen’s brightness.

Aside from consuming extra energy, too much screen brightness could also wear out your screen. When you’re watching at home, the best brightness levels range from 40 to 50 percent.

Set up your sources correctly.

Even with TV sets that promise vivid picture display and HD quality, your TV’s performance may be affected by other external factors such as the settings you’re using for picture sources like the media player you are using. So set up your resolution depending on the media player you’re using and make sure that everything is consistent.

Make sure your TV’s contrast level is balanced.

Contrast, which is essentially your TV’s ability to produce blacks, is a crucial part of achieving the perfect overall picture quality. Being one of the most basic customizable settings in your television set, it’s easy to go wrong when tinkering with contrast ratios. High contrast levels may result in permanent screen burns and low contrast levels result in weak picture quality. Fortunately, dynamic contrast and local dimming enable TVs to adjust contrast levels depending on the image being shown on the screen.

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